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First Annual Sales Enablement Stars

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Recently, we put out a call for nominations for a program launched just this year to recognize stand-out members of the sales enablement community. Interest was over the top, and I’m excited to share the details on our very first Sales Enablement Stars!

Still a relatively new field, no two organizations define it the same way, but one thing is certain — sales enablement is critical to sales success. With the sales cycle becoming increasingly complex, it’s up to sales enablement pros to bring together sales and marketing to help drive more effective customer engagements. It’s a challenging role that requires process management, people skills, creative thinking, and an understanding of current technology. It can also be a thankless job, and we wanted to do something to change that.

Sales Enablement Stars are helping reshape the industry by establishing new standards in sales content management, training, and customer engagement. Among the criteria evaluated in this year’s contest, the following were weighed most heavily:

  • Using process management to make marketing and sales team members more effective
  • Applying sales technology to reduce wasted time and instill reliability and rigor into the sales cycle
  • Delivering actionable insights to drive sales performance
  • Breaking down silos to build cross-functional partnerships
  • Developing a customer-centric culture

Meet the 2017 Sales Enablement Stars

(Click on a #SalesEnablementStar card below to congratulate an individual Super Star on Twitter.)

Strategic Vision:

jeremy powers

Jeremy Powers, Senior Director Sales Enablement, MongoDB

sherry allphin

Sherry Allphin, Global Director Sales Enablement, Sutherland Global Services

daniel niemann

Daniel Niemann, VP Worldwide Field Operations, Trifacta


Sales Tech Mastery:

greg munster

Greg Munster, Senior Director Sales Productivity, Red Hat

ricardo julia

Ricardo Julia, Partner Enablement Manager, Dynatrace

nicole bettan

Nicole Bettan, Sales Enablement Manager, CB Insights


Process Innovation:

sean cataldo

Sean Cataldo, Senior Director, Global Sales Force Effectiveness, Veritas Technologies

ken roden

Ken Roden, Director of Product Marketing, PayScale

kavita bhatt

Kavita Bhatt, Sales Enablement Manager, Bright Power


Customer-First Focus:

dana keys

Dana Keys, Director of Sales Enablement, RealPage, Inc.

kristine buonopane

Kristine Buonopane, Director of Sales Enablement, Acquia

nicole breton

Nicole Breton, Sales Enablement Manager, Craneware


Cross-Department Integration:

charlie besecker

Charlie Besecker, Head of Global Enablement, Qualtrics

abigail runner

Abigail Runner, Sales Operations Manager, Cybereason

summer menegakis

Summer Menegakis, Director of Marketing Operations, Sodexo


Be on the look out for future blog posts based on interviews with our winners. Congratulations to the 2017 Sales Enablement Super Stars. You inspire us all!