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Sales Reps Love Highspot

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At Highspot, we take pride in customer feedback.  It’s our version of candy hearts in mid-February.  Today we’re especially grateful for the Love shown by our customers.  We wouldn’t be the sales enablement industry’s leading platform without it.  

Every sales rep knows the difference between Like and Love.  Like is nice.  It’s optimistic, an opportunity in the making.  Love, on the other hand, is essential.  Lyrically speaking, “All you need is Like” won’t start any sing-alongs.  And business-wise, no customer ever selected a product they Like over an alternative they Love.  

So how does a sales enablement platform achieve Love status?  In an environment where claims are as abundant as red-and-white cupcakes, it’s no mean feat.  Your platform needs to outperform every day, unleash rapid innovation, and help reps accomplish their goals faster.  In short, it must earn customer advocacy.  And the best ways to measure advocacy are usage and feedback.  

Highspot’s average monthly usage is nearly 90%.  This means that in any given month, nearly 90% of all users with a Highspot account rely upon the platform to crush quota.  Combined with feedback on how Highspot helps close the loop between sales and marketing while delivering unprecedented sales enablement benefits, it’s easy to prove that sales reps truly  Highspot.   

Speaking of feedback, customers are also showing the Love via popular product review sites.  For additional details, download our #REPSLOVEHIGHSPOT ebook and take special note of page 3.  We think it will be worth your time.  


Showing the Love

The eBook also features an assortment of customer testimonials, including:

“Highspot was a perfect fit for us.  Rather than going to 15 different places to find the content needed in closing a deal, sales now has quick access to meaningful content via their desktop and mobile devices without needing to VPN to repositories behind our firewall.”  -Greg Munster, Sr. Director, Global Sales Productivity at Red Hat

“We originally adopted Highspot for its strong sales content management and analytics capabilities. But now that we are fully deployed, the sales team is also heavily using its pitching capabilities. Sales reps love the ease of use and the real-time alerts they get on how prospects are engaging with their pitches. Sales leaders love that they have the analytics to identify best practices across the team.”  – Melody Brown, Senior Vice President of Sales at Payscale

“At InsideView, our sales team would often say “I can’t find the right content,” or “I need more content” and the marketing team would reply “I don’t know what content is effective”. We liked Highspot, because it is not just a content storage solution but it helps our team gain metrics and analytics on what content is being used and is effective.”  -Jyothsna Durgadoss, Product Marketing Manager, InsideView

Roses are Red, Highspot is Blue

If you’re like most sales and marketing leaders, you need two things nearly as much as food and water: faster conversions and higher sales.  (Chocolate and flowers are farther down the list.)  As expressed above and in the #REPSLOVEHIGHSPOT eBook, Highspot gets customers talking and helps drive the caliber of performance sellers love.   

To learn more about why #repslovehighspot, visit and request a demo. We’re confident it will raise your pulse.