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Best Practices to Boost Your Buyer Engagement

Posted in:  Buyer Engagement, Sales Enablement Strategy

The evolution of B2B buyer behavior has become startlingly similar to consumer purchasing. Case in point: When I wanted to purchase a social media management tool, I started with a quick Google search, just as if I was buying a new phone or gadget.

And similar to making a major consumer purchase, I didn’t feel confident in my vendor of choice until a helpful rep gave me a demo. Despite an abundance of information online, I still needed to engage with an actual seller to finalize my decision. For many modern buyers, this experience is very familiar.

Like consumers, B2B buyers know they have a need, but they may not know exactly what solutions are available. Digital advancements now allow buyers to do a lot of initial research on their own, but when it comes to closing a deal, it’s often because a sales rep engaged the buyer with timely and insightful content.

Today’s B2B and consumer buyers expect a dynamic buying experience that provides meaningful and valuable engagements during every interaction.

In a cluttered world where buyers are receiving nearly 3000 advertising messages a day, it can be difficult for sellers to know exactly when and how to effectively engage buyers.

Yet the secret to engaging buyers is surprisingly simple. If buyers are acting like consumers, it stands to reason that sales should engage them in similar fashions. B2C brands are masters at making connections with their customers, sending thoughtful emails, promoting new products at the right times, and making consumers feel special. Translated to the B2B world, this means:

  • Personalized
  • Insightful
  • Timely

At this critical juncture of quantity and quality, sales leadership and sales enablement can help the reps effectively engage buyers by ensuring that sales activities hit on these three points.

Personalization Makes Sales Activities Stand Out

Ensuring that your sellers know how to make their products stand out in a noisy, competitive world is crucial to sales success. Consider that 79% of buyers only consider brands that understand and care about them, and that 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they’re being understood.

This means that sending generic emails en masse is no longer acceptable. You need to arm your sellers with tools and content that speak directly to a buyer’s unique pain points and business needs.

Insightful Content Solidifies the Buyer and Seller Relationship

According to the Salesforce State of the Connected Consumer report, 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, and 67% of customers say that their standards are higher than ever.

A chief part of providing an outstanding customer experience is providing insight to your buyers; people remember the people that helped them. Choosing relevant and educational content to engage buyers will demonstrate that you have spent time carefully thinking about their needs. Make sure your reps have the assets they need to give buyers the insight they crave.

Timely Content Helps Reps Close Deals

In sales, timing is everything: too early and your buyers may not be ready to purchase; too late, and you may have missed the boat.

Over the span of the buyer’s journey, there will be many opportunities to reach out. By using analytics to fuel your outreach activities, you can ensure that your sellers are using their time effectively and only engaging buyers when they’re ready. Content analytics can also ensure that you’re sending buyers the right content at the right time.

Best Practices Take Buyer Engagement One Step Further

Effectively engaging a buyer will transform the sales process, from the first pitch to the moment they choose your product. Beyond the points above, achieving the perfect balance of personal touch, frequency, and content means understanding these best practices:

  1. The best buyer experiences win more deals
  2. Traditional sales pitches don’t work anymore
  3. A modern sales pitch includes touch points across the buyer’s journey
  4. Buyer engagement strategies need constant evaluation
  5. Choosing the right technology can make or break your engagement strategy

To discover the full scope of these success patterns, and to learn the keys to successful implementation, download our new eBook, The Modern Sales Pitch: 5 Best Practices to Engage the Modern Buyer.