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Add Content Engagement to Your Sales Training Plan

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Training, Coaching, and Onboarding

Salespeople need training.

Sales training on products and services, especially anything new or different, customer pain points, competitive positioning, and tools available for their use among many other things. But how do you deliver meaningful sales training that extends beyond a group session or webcast?

Great companies invest heavily in both sales training and sales tools. Marketing has a key role here in delivering sales tools to help their sales colleagues qualify prospects and close deals. This includes standard collateral like whitepapers, customer testimonials, and data sheets as well as videos of all shapes and sizes. The list goes on and on and, often, what gets created is a mountain of content that is stored in a central place on the marketing side but decentralized on the sales side to an individual rep’s hard drive or Dropbox account.  There is no way to track usage, modifications made to make it more effective, or any type of feedback mechanism on what works the best across the entire sales team.

Content engagement addresses that problem by closing the content loop across marketing, sales, and customers.  It ties together all the content created by marketing with the usage by sales resulting in a smarter, better organized, and more accessible set of sales tools.  Sales training becomes an on-going process mapped directly into a sales rep’s daily activities as they qualify prospects, follow up on opportunities and close deals.

By being embedded directly in a CRM system like, content engagement always serves up the best and most effective content for a given lead or opportunity stage. No more searching, no more asking around. It intelligently presents itself as the playbook to follow essentially delivering a continuously updated sales training curriculum in context to an actual opportunity.

There are certainly more elements to a complete sales training plan but content engagement is one that will be used far beyond the group training meeting or video tutorial. Here at Highspot, we want to arm your sales team for success and help them win more deals. Contact us if you’d like us to tell you more or schedule a demo.