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5 Traits It Takes to Celebrate Halloween at a Top Startup

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What does your Halloween costume say about you? Here at Highspot, our costumes show that we take celebrating as seriously as we take our work.

On the day of the office party, we stepped inside the building to find ourselves in the world of Disney. The space had transformed from rows of desks and computers to scenes from our favorite films — Alice in Wonderland, Up, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 101 Dalmatians, Star Wars, and many others.

Each team decorated their area in the spirit of a different movie as part of the office-wide competition. With judging criteria including originality, attention to detail, theme execution, and costumes, everyone brought their best (even if it meant wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie in a 70-degree room).

Winnie the Pooh Halloween costumes at Highspot Star Wars Halloween costumes at Highspot Up Halloween costumes at Highspot

An afternoon of celebration ensued with soundtracks playing through the speakers, Justice League-themed cupcakes, and Toy Story skits. The real excitement began when the guests of honor arrived for trick-or-treating — Highspot families and children from Mary’s Place, a local Seattle shelter working to empower homeless women and children.

Halloween at Highspot is a reflection of our culture, values, and caliber of people we are proud to make magic happen with every day. Celebrations like this may be rare or even unheard of at other companies, but at one of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Startups, they’re just another part of what makes life at Highspot great.

Curious if you share the DNA of a top-notch startup employee? Here are five traits it takes to celebrate (and succeed) at Highspot:

You Are Passionate

If you are as enthused about new product releases as you are about choosing candy for trick-or-treaters, chances are you have a zest for all things in life, big and small. Inherent passion is a characteristic that can’t be taught. It is the driving force behind action, the spark that fuels a fire, and the power that kick-starts the process of turning dreams into reality. Or during Highspot Halloween, passion is what inspires you to provide an assorted cheese plate and wine tasting as part of the Ratatouille set.

Ratatouille Halloween party at Highspot Ratatouille Halloween costumes at Highspot

You Have Vision

How do you transform an ordinary table into the Mad Hatter’s tea party? It all starts with vision. Great ideas spring to life when you harness the power of imagination and unleash creativity. Whether you are writing code for the industry’s most advanced sales enablement solution or weaving Highspot’s core values into Alice in Wonderland quotes, fearless and creative vision propels you to do what’s never been done before.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes at Highspot Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes at Highspot

You are Dedicated

Rome wasn’t built in a day — and neither was Highspot’s Pirates of the Caribbean set. Just as important as creative vision is the dedication, commitment, and hard work that gets the job done. If building an extraordinary movie set means walking through downtown Seattle carrying a four-foot skull, you do it. If it takes turning your office into a Jack Sparrow-worthy prison cell, you gladly accept the challenge. Without dedication, even the greatest ideas will sink to the ocean floor to become buried treasure.

Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costumes at Highspot Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costumes at Highspot

You Are Collaborative

In Disney’s Monsters, Inc., Mike and Sully show how teamwork makes the dream work. Differences aside, together they accomplish more than they ever would have been able to individually. Collaboration leads to creations that only could have come from a melding of minds and talents. Not all engineers can execute an account-based marketing campaign, and not all marketers can architect award-winning analytics powered by AI, but when they join forces, new doors are opened.

Monsters Inc. Halloween costumes at Highspot Monsters Inc. Halloween costumes at HIghspot

You Are Connected

Holidays are all about coming together with the people you care about — family, friends, and yes — your colleagues! At Highspot, people genuinely care. Halloween provides a golden opportunity to connect with the company, the community, and the people we feel lucky to work with every day.

Halloween party at Highspot Halloween party at Highspot Halloween party at Highspot Halloween party at Highspot

The holiday season is just beginning, and we’re looking for people who have as much spirit as they do talent. Are you an engineer by day and pumpkin pie baker by night? A product marketer with decorative expertise? An account executive who takes pride in donning the ugliest Christmas sweater?

The exciting news is we’re focused on global expansion and hiring top talent following our successful $35 million Series C raise, and we’d love to meet you — explore our open roles today!