InsideView Aligns the Buyer’s Journey

Highspot delivers effective content management mapped to the buyer’s journey.

Key Results
  • 98% adoption rate within the first quarter of using Highspot
  • Brought together and unified a variety of sales content
  • Created better alignment between sales and marketing
  • 78% breadth usage rate (30-day usage/90-day usage)
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Challenge: Sales and Marketing Alignment

InsideView provides a consistent, authoritative source of market intelligence that enables companies to identify and engage with prospects and customers. The company sought a content management platform that would organize existing sales content, align the sales and marketing teams, and help improve sales performance and conversion rates.

The sales team’s strategy at InsideView was to share content mapped to each unique buyer journey that would build interest and loyalty throughout the sales process. The marketing team developed content for this sales approach but received little feedback on the effectiveness of the content that was being created. It was difficult to evaluate sales content performance and determine how sales teams were using these assets. This led to a gap in the alignment between the sales and marketing teams.

Access to relevant sales training content was also lacking. Onboarding and skills development materials were fragmented, incomplete, and didn’t fit well with the rest of the company’s sales content. Thus, it took longer than it should have to onboard and train new reps to sell InsideView’s solutions at full capacity.

Highspot has helped us solve our content mess, showcase the right content to our reps, and provide analytics on usage. It also helped create a behavioral change in our reps, as now they engage more with prospects and customers through sharing content. This is reflected by the high adoption and engagement metrics we see on Highspot.
Jyothsna Durgadoss, Product Marketing Manager, InsideView
Jyothsna Durgadoss
Solution: Highspot Closes the Content Loop

The InsideView team clarified their goals and established their requirements for a content management solution, then vetted numerous vendors before selecting Highspot. The combination of flexibility, control, and scalability were key factors in InsideView’s decision. The ability to organize content in “Spots” instead of folders was of particular interest to InsideView. This unique type of organization would allow InsideView to organize content based on topics, themes, playbooks and more — without the burden of managing multiple file versions, complicated tagging, or rigid folder structures.

Highspot fulfilled multiple requirements that would save reps time and provide tools to increase sales effectiveness. The company also chose Highspot because it offers a closed-loop platform for creating and sharing content performance insights. InsideView planned to use these insights to optimize and unify sales and marketing content strategy.

In addition, Highspot’s ability to position training information side-by-side with other sales content was a critical factor in the decision. The placement of training and content together enabled greater consistency in messaging between training and sales resources, leading to faster, more productive onboarding and giving new reps the ability to have better sales conversations sooner. The flexible organization also made it easy for InsideView’s team to share competitive intelligence.

Our sales teams master the importance of engaging in relevant conversations with the right people at the right time, and Highspot complements our solution to track B2B engagement and connect to stakeholders with the information they need quickly. Our Highspot strategy has identified the most impactful marketing strategies and resources while improving sales confidence and effectiveness with content already available to them.
Bonnie Bisson, Director of Sales Enablement, InsideView
Bonnie Bisson
Results: Effortless Access to Content and Analytics

InsideView’s Highspot implementation was quickly adopted across sales. Sellers could easily access and navigate sales content, which led to rapid, concrete gains for the company. The solution allows InsideView to effectively manage a wide assortment of sales content, particularly training assets and competitive information. As a result, the solution was extremely well received, with a 98% adoption rate within its first quarter of use and a 78% breadth usage rate (30 day usage/90 day usage).

The sales and marketing teams agree that the solution has brought significant value to the organization, and they emphasize the positive difference the platform is making in unifying the efforts of these teams. Moving forward, the company plans to use Highspot’s industry-leading analytics to improve and refine sales content usage, with a particular emphasis on developing content tailored to the customer journey. As a multinational corporation with a large sales force, InsideView will also gain considerable value as it extends its use of the platform for training.

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