How Hexagon Boosted Buyer Engagement by 52%

Hexagon’s go-to-market teams drive sales efficiency with Highspot.

Key Results
  • 68% Play adoption
  • 52% increase in buyer engagement
  • 13% improvement in content governance
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Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence — a division of Hexagon, an innovator in digital reality solutions — is driven by data. More specifically, it focuses on capturing actionable insights into the asset lifecycle that move the needle on efficiency, profitability, and sustainability for industrial facilities across the globe. But Hexagon’s fixation on data extends beyond its solutions. In the name of optimizing its own internal efficiency, Hexagon’s go-to-market teams sought an analytics-forward enablement partner to help them reimagine their sales strategy.


Content Complexity Frustrates Field Teams

An abundance of assets, time wasted searching for them, limited insight into how content was used, and no visibility into buyer engagement data — Hexagon’s experiences with its previous solutions were as painful as they were familiar. “We had a lot of different platforms and were looking to evolve our technology stack,” explained Kara Huff, senior global marketing manager, services, training and support at Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence. “We couldn’t see how content was utilized and what was hitting all the marks with our field sellers.” With a library of over 14,000 assets, those analytics were a must-have for Hexagon’s marketing team, who sought to refine their expansive content library. However, without the ability to identify the content that drove impact, they lacked the visibility to strategically curate not only individual assets but also a broader content strategy.

This inadequate tooling impacted more than just the marketing team’s ability to create data-informed content. Without usage or engagement data to identify which content was used and how it impacted deals, Hexagon could neither identify nor standardize best-practice behaviors, inhibiting its ability to consistently and effectively engage buyers. To create a single source of truth for reps and gain a line of sight into how to best reach prospects, Hexagon chose to streamline its tech stack with Highspot.

We needed something that could give us analytics and walk us through the buying journey to see what good content looks like and how it’s utilized.

Kara Huff, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Services, Training and Support, Hexagon
Kara Huff

Full-circle Enablement Support Strengthens Go-to-Market Motion 

With so many assets to evaluate and categorize, Hexagon strove to understand what good governance looked like and implement it at the outset. After establishing a governance guide and creating a list of monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks to evaluate the value of its content, Hexagon improved governance by 13%.

With visibility into the content that drives deals forward, Hexagon’s marketing team began bringing this best-practice guidance to reps with Sales Plays. “We had all the content in Sales Plays to enable our field to sell from a systematic approach,” shared Huff. “We want them to see the Sales Play, get the tools they need to be successful, and then have a Pitch Template they can use to gauge the engagement from their prospects.” First informing the team’s content strategy and then feeding the best-practice guidance they provided to reps, the impact of analytics began to snowball. 

The team then embraced Highspot’s Salesforce integration to organically surface Plays within reps’ workflow. “Any time reps talked about a specific product or solution of interest, [Salesforce] automatically populated Plays and Pitch Templates for them,” noted Huff. “It created this automatic behavior for them to always utilize those Plays, which allowed us to constantly measure the engagement, understand what was winning, and further refine.” The strategy quickly proved effective, sparking a 68% Play adoption rate. From content governance and contextual guidance to buyer engagement, Highspot’s unified tech stack helped streamline Hexagon’s sales motion. “It’s really a full-circle process,” added Huff.

We have gone from 14,000 to about 3,500 assets representing over 78 products and solutions in our portfolio. It’s helped us become significantly more efficient.

Kara Huff, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Services, Training and Support, Hexagon

A Modern Tech Stack Streamlines Sales Processes

Access to analytics and engagement data has been a game changer for Hexagon. By guiding reps toward content proven to drive impact with Sales Plays and helping them reach buyers with Pitch Templates, Hexagon’s marketing team has transformed the newfound abundance of data available to them into tangible impact. Being able to track their impact is huge for the team, proving that their hard work impacts business outcomes. In fact, the team helped drive a 52% increase in buyer engagement.

Highspot’s end-to-end solution provided Hexagon with the modern tools it needed to bring its vision of a data-informed sales strategy to life. And with best-practice guidance driving reps to pitch more effectively and efficiently, it’s clear that Hexagon is already beginning to realize the value it initially imagined. “Our partnership with Highspot is amazing,” concluded Huff. “We see how long of a road we have to go, and we know that we have a great partnership with Highspot in order to obtain that.”

We initially set a goal of a 25% increase in Pitch adoption, which we thought was a lofty but attainable goal. Yet with Scorecards, we’ve seen a 125% increase in Pitch adoption.

Kara Huff, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Services, Training and Support, Hexagon

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