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Webinar: How The Right Sales Analytics Can Help You Close More

Data is the order of the present day, no question. We have an insatiable appetite for data—everyone wants it—especially sales leaders. But, not all data is created equal.

There’s a substantial difference between having data and having the right data (and even more so, knowing what to do with it – the analytics side of the equation).

When it comes to setting quotas and driving revenue, certain data and analytics are critical. There are tools on the market today that can empower your sales team to be far more effective at closing more prospects while eliminating wasted time searching for collateral and reconstructing contact histories, all while giving you actionable insights to improve close rates across the sales organization.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the right sales enablement platform provides insight into:

  • How your sales reps are pitching
  • What content your reps use in those pitches and how they customize it
  • How effective the pitches are with prospects
  • The impact of each pitch on opportunities and how quickly they move through the funnel
  • How to replicate best practices from top reps across the entire sales team

You’ll walk away with solid direction on how to select a sales enablement platform that will help your sales team reach up to a 50% higher quota attainment than most companies. Fill out this form to watch this webinar on-demand.

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