InsideView ( enables companies to identify and engage with prospects and customers, providing a consistent, authoritative source of market intelligence that is easily embedded in day-to-day workflows. With InsideView, sales and marketing teams find and qualify the best target accounts, engage in a highly relevant way, close more deals, and retain and expand relationships over time. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and serves over 20,000 customers around the globe.   

“At InsideView, our sales team would often say “I can’t find the right content” or “ I need more content” and the marketing team would reply ’I don’t know what content is effective”. We liked Highspot, because it is not just a content storage solution but it helps our team gain metrics and analytics on what content is being used and is effective.”

-Jyothsna Durgadoss, Product Marketing Manager, InsideView

“Our sales teams master the importance of engaging in relevant conversations with the right people at the right time, and Highspot complements our solution to track B2B engagement and connect to stakeholders with the information they need quickly. Our Highspot strategy has identified the most impactful marketing strategies and resources while improving sales confidence and effectiveness with content already available to them.”

-Bonnie L. Bisson, Director, Sales Enablement, InsideView


As a multinational company in the competitive field of market intelligence, InsideView was seeking a content management platform capable of improving sales performance and conversion rates. A distinct need for improved content discoverability had emerged, as well as a desire for better content organization. At the same time, marketing was receiving limited feedback on content effectiveness and sales was stressing the importance of targeted content mapped to the customer journey. The company was also exploring ways to improve access to relevant sales training content.


InsideView made their goals clear and chatted with numerous vendors before selecting Highspot. The combination of flexibility, control, and scalability were key factors in the company’s decision. During the deployment phase, InsideView devoted special attention to training content access and availability. The opportunity to position training and other sales content side-by-side was important to InsideView and another example of where Highspot quickly delivered value. In addition, the ability to organize content in spots instead of folders made it easy for InsideView’s team to share competitive intelligence, on which the company also places a premium.


InsideView quickly capitalized on its adoption of Highspot. As evidenced by a 98% usage rate within the first quarter of Highspot availability, reps were able to easily access Highspot and start making the most of their sales content. The team at InsideView has been vocal in its support for Highspot based on the positive difference the platform is making for their sales and marketing teams. Moving forward, the company anticipates taking greater advantage of Highspot’s industry-leading analytics and extending their use of the platform for training.



  • Sales reps were seeking a better way to find available content.
  • Sales content was needed to build loyalty throughout the customer journey.
  • Content for onboarding and skills development was fragmented and unaligned with the rest of the company’s sales content.
  • Marketing was receiving limited feedback on content effectiveness


  • A content management system that saves reps time and increases sales effectiveness.
  • A sales enablement platform that can be tailored to unique customer needs, including sales training.
  • A closed loop platform for sharing content performance insights and optimizing sales and marketing content strategy


  • 98% adoption rate within the first quarter of Highspot availability
  • 78% breadth usage rate (30 day usage/90 day usage)
  • Using platform for an assortment of sales content, with a special emphasis on training and compete.

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