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guide sellers

Turn Your Strategy into Action

Eliminating content chaos isn’t enough—your sales plays and communications are just as crucial to guide sellers to an effective conversation.

Highspot puts guidance alongside content for all of your customer-facing teams, giving them the context they need to execute key go-to-market motions with confidence.

Deliver Targeted Guidance

Not every conversation is the same, so Highspot makes it easy to tailor guidance to different selling roles and buying stages.

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Target by role, customer type, sales stage, or any dimension that matters to your business

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Put content in context with guidance that’s quick and easy to build in Highspot’s SmartPages™

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Promote key selling motions and share best practices with pre-built or custom sales play templates

deliver targeted guidance

Get Attention with Dynamic Sales Plays

Create dynamic, targeted sales plays and communications that engage sellers at the moment of action.

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SmartPages™ work everywhere your sellers do—in CRM, email, and social—with 70+ integrations

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Guidance is available at the moment of action on any device, in mobile-responsive templates

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Bring together everything reps need—internal and external content, applications, and data live side-by-side

get attention with dynamic sales plays

Create Engaging Communications

Ditch lengthy email newsletters in favor of sales communications that are real-time and easy to find.

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Real-time notifications let sellers know what’s new and when content gets updated

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Populate communications with dynamic elements so they’re relevant to every role

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Make communications available in the same single source as customer-facing sales content so there’s no need to switch tasks

create engaging communications

Reinforce Best Practices

With Highspot, scale enablement efforts by leveraging industry expertise to guide repeatable behavior.

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Start from flexible templates based on industry best practices

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Like the rest of your content, your playbooks are always up to date

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Highspot’s SmartPage™ Marketplace brings in frameworks from top methodologies like Miller Heiman, Challenger, and more

reinforce best practices

Understand Sales Play Effectiveness

Gain deep insight into how your plays perform across the customer lifecycle.

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Highspot analytics offers visibility into which plays get used when

See who’s engaging with selling guidance with internal viewing times

influenced revenue icon

Understand what’s working best—track influenced revenue for your plays and see how buyers engage

understand sales play effectiveness

In order to truly enable sellers and other customer-facing roles, we have to be able to provide guidance around how to effectively use content. Highspot’s SmartPages™ give us a huge advantage by being able to create guidance on the fly without having to have any technical expertise.

Adriane Maron, Sales Enablement Manager – Communications & Content Strategy, Apptio
Adriane Maron

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