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Highspot Fraudulent Employment Offer

Last Updated: April 4, 2023

Starting on March 28, 2023 Highspot Security became aware of an unidentified malicious entity that was soliciting job seekers asking them to interview with Highspot and “Senior Recruiter and Chief People Officer” using email and communications from info@highspotsupport.com and potentially other email addresses from @highspotsupport.com. This entity is not connected to the Highspot organization and is seemingly perpetrating some kind of employment scam using Highspot’s brand, personnel’s likeness, and information.

Based on multiple victim reports, the following sequence seems common:

  1. Someone reaches out from info@highspotsupport.com claiming to be a member of Highspot HR/recruiting saying the potential victim applied to a position with Highspot and has been accepted to interview.
  2. They are asked to interview in the following two days via Skype, with our Senior Recruiter and Chief People Officer.
  3. The potential victim joins the skype conversation to find that it is a text/chat-only skype without video.
  4. The potential victim is told an offer is coming and will have follow-up conversations with their manager and team after they have accepted the position. An offer letter is sent, purportedly signed by Highspot CEO, asking for personal information like a copy of an ID card and also discussing payment for office and electronics supplies.

It is not entirely clear what kind of alleged scam this might be, but appears to fall into the category of employment scams.

Legitimate Highspot email only comes from highspot.com and Highspot recruiters will only use a @highspot.com email address. If you are not sure if you are speaking with a real Highspot employee, you should ask them to email from a Highspot email address. In addition, Highspot posts our positions on our public Careers website at https://www.highspot.com/careers

If you believe you have been solicited by these alleged fraudsters, we ask you to please report it. We are also asking individuals to share details to security@highspot.com to assist us in further investigation. We recommend you mark the email as phishing or spam within your email client and do not recommend you continue conversations with this malicious party.

Reporting employment scams:

You can find out more about employment scams:

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Highspot Security at security@highspot.com.