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Sales Communications Features Launch in the November Release

Posted in:  Highspot News, Sales and Marketing Management

Sales teams are bombarded with new information all of the time: new products, new features, new promos, new content. It can be hard to know what to prioritize. The latest release of the Highspot sales enablement platform is designed to help marketing and sales cut through the noise and share information, content — and content updates — with ease. Let’s take a look at two of the key features of this release.

Page Builder, released two months ago, has been enhanced to allow users to build dynamic and interactive pages leveraging content and items from other Spots and build custom HTML page components.

Another key feature of this release is Smart Update, a new feature added to Remix which notifies users when specific slides within their Remixed content have been updated, allowing them to accept or reject the changes.

Highspot Page Builder helps marketing teams cut through the noise to communicate important updates to sales and provide them with important context about how to best use sales assets.

  • Focused content: Focus sales reps on the most effective collateral by prioritizing what content they see and in what order. Highspot Page Builder lets you quickly assemble and configure pages to surface the information and content that’s most important.
  • Communications and news: Customize home pages by audience to share important announcements, product updates, and other timely information real-time, without having to manually make changes to page layout and contents.
  • Guided experiences: Bring your sales plays and sales campaigns to life by giving reps everything they need to effectively engage with buyers — from guidance and training to best practices and relevant sales assets.

Highspot Smart Update keeps sales reps on-message by notifying them when sales presentation content is updated or changed, even for sales presentations that reps have previously customized.

  • Fast updates: Automatically flags any presentation content that has been updated across all of the decks that a rep uses.
  • Timely content: Presentation content is always current, and reps don’t need to be made aware through traditional communication channels like email or sales calls that may get missed.
  • Control and empowerment: Keep reps on-message while still giving them the ability to accept updates that have been made, or keep the existing content as-is. Plus, slide mixing is easy with the new visual drag-and-drop sorter.

We’re rolling out more new features soon, so stay tuned!