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How to Overcome Negative Coder Thoughts

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At Highspot, we’re proud to be a part of a tech community that celebrates diversity in all its forms. This year, we had the opportunity to support AdieCon, a one-day conference created to strengthen the Ada Developers Academy alumni network. In addition to sponsoring the event, our own Amber Harmon will be taking the stage to discuss “How to Overcome Negative Coder Thoughts.” Get a sneak preview of her talk below.

I never intended to become a software engineer. But while running a digital marketing business, I found myself without a developer and a list of customers expecting custom-built websites. A career-defining opportunity was before me: Could I learn to code and deliver for my customers?

For me, the answer was yes.

Now ten years into my career as a software developer, I’m glad I took the challenge. But like many who share an unusual path into engineering, self-doubt has dogged my success. Even as my technical abilities have grown, I still find myself second-guessing my contributions.

I once admitted this to my dad, and his response —”If you don’t really know how to do your job, you have been pulling a fast one on a lot of smart people in Seattle” — was a reminder that in reality, I had nothing to fear. And neither do you.

how to overcome negative coder thoughts

Overcoming self-doubt requires work — it’s a constant process of dismantling negative self perceptions and rebuilding a more confident image. Though I’m no expert, I’ve built a repertoire of tricks that allow me to conquer doubt and focus on what really matters — my job.

I’ll be covering these tactics and more at my AdieCon session, “How to Overcome Negative Coder Thoughts,” on January 31, including:

  • How mitigate panic responses through deep breathing
  • How to ignore — and overcome — your inner critic by focusing on the facts
  • How to build confidence through community

Mastering these strategies can help you stand up tall in the workplace. But even as you grow your confidence, it’s important to remember that what makes you different is what makes you great. Disruption and innovation don’t happen on a homogenous team. New perspectives, fresh approaches — these are a result of your unique life experiences — and they’re what make a company great.

Be sure to catch Amber’s talk at AdieCon and stop by the after-party, hosted in Highspot’s new headquarters.