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Highspot Loves Reps (and Marketers) — Quarterly Customer Awards

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At Highspot, we’re focused on empowering sales and marketing with easy-to-use content management tools, leading-edge customer engagement, and superior analytics.

Earlier this year, we were curious about what sales reps and marketers think about our platform and services, so we kicked off an effort to find out. In the end, we were thrilled to confirm that #RepsLoveHighspot! Highspot gets high marks across our customer base time and again, which isn’t something we take lightly. In fact, our adoption numbers of more than 90% make us proud!

But, the love isn’t a one-way street. #HighspotLovesReps (and marketers and sales enablement pros, too!), so we’re honoring our customers who have excelled on the platform in the last quarter. Based on data-driven insights from the platform, we can see who is on the sales enablement leaderboard — and we want you to, too.

#HighspotLovesReps Awards

highspot all-star

Highspot All-Stars

This category is all about sales engagement — namely, “pitches” — and these winners are in the big leagues, baby. In general, their pitches also have an exceptionally high engagement rate (talk about a fast ball!), and they lead the league with 126,000 pitches in the last quarter alone.

Highspot All-Star — All Pitches
This seller wins for the most hits at bat! Across all pitching types available on Highspot, this seller exceeded with the most pitches overall.
Tom Graham, Lamar

Highspot All-Star — Outlook Pitches
This seller used the seamless integration with Outlook to send pitches in a trackable way, without ever having to log into the Highspot platform. Outlook integration at its finest!
Hadley Scherer, PayScale

Highspot All-Star — Gmail Pitches
This seller used the seamless integration with Google to send pitches in a trackable way, without ever having to log into the Highspot platform. Do you have something like this in Gmail?
Ron Martino, Lamar

highspot bestselling authors

Highspot Bestselling Authors

When it comes to content creation, it’s often publish or perish. These best-selling authors have been lighting up the charts with their stellar publishing skills.

Highspot Bestselling Author — Most Content Added
This award goes to the hard-working author cranking out the most content day and night for their sales reps.
Siddharth Saxena,

Highspot Bestselling Author — Most Content Viewed
Sales reps adored this author’s content and couldn’t keep their eyes off of it. She had the most-viewed content on the platform this quarter!
Chekeya Pratt, Lamar

highspot top enabler

Highspot Top Enablers

Unlike what your therapist may think, sometimes being an enabler is a good thing. This group of enablers has proven they are all about optimization and driving adoption with the greater goal in mind — empowering sales.

Highspot Top Enabler — Dedication
This award goes to the Highspot admin that spent the most time on the platform this quarter. Kudos for your dedication!
Indy Rhodes, Red Hat

Highspot Top Enabler — Spot Ownership
This Highspot admin owns the most Spots. Are you a little controlling? Yes! But that’s a good thing when it comes to managing a sales enablement platform.
Jade Williams, Lamar

Highspot New Enabler — Quickest Ramp
This is for our newbie on the block, and the quickest to ramp this quarter. Welcome to the Highspot crew, and kudos for getting up and running so quickly!
Team at ExtraHop

There are awards for sales, marketing, and sales enablement, which we’ll update quarterly. Each winner will get a special gift — so if you won, stay tuned for a congratulations package coming your way!

Thank you for your dedication to enablement!