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Highspot Is the Only Sales Enablement Platform to Offer Integration with Microsoft Office Online

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“Sales Enablement” should mean enabling sales, right? Hire great sales people and empower them to do what they do they do best. For these high-caliber sales teams, we should strip away time-wasting inefficiencies, make common practices easier, free up time for selling and provide visibility into what they do so others may learn their best practices.

At Highspot, our mission is to make your sales team more effective and more efficient.  And with our latest product update, we take another great step forward on that journey by offering Microsoft Office editing within the Highspot Sales Enablement platform

Today, Highspot users can select any document in their library, click “edit,” and make changes in Office Online that are automatically saved into Highspot. Sales reps can then either pitch their new content online or email it to their prospects.  Highspot’s Content Genomics enables content owners to track usage and customer engagement of presentations even after they are modified, providing the unique ability to accurately analyze performance. With visibility into how content evolves in the field, content owners can track changes and make adjustments in real-time to improve quality.

This helps sales reps be more effective and work more efficiently.  The best sales reps customize sales presentations for each customer to make the content more relevant and personalized. They may add a customer’s logo, customize the agenda, or detail benefits specific to that prospect. Previously, to make these changes, a rep must download the presentation from their sales content repository, make the necessary customizations, save it to their local hard drive, upload to their presentation software or email client, and then present to the client. This arduous process not only wastes time, but also complicates version control and sales content performance tracking.

With Highspot’s new integration of Office Online, Highspot can now:

  • Customize any Microsoft Office document, presentation or spreadsheet, directly within the Highspot application saving time and keeping all sales content in one place.
  • Personalize sales presentations, proposals and other content for your customer, improving the customer interaction and increasing sales closure rates.
  • Immediately email or present online modified content directly from Highspot, benefiting from customer engagement alerts and analytics.
  • Track how your best front-line field reps are improving content with Content Genomics and Highspot’s Sales Content Performance analytics.

Highspot also offers content “remixing,” which is helpful for organizations that require tighter control over their content—something that is particularly important in regulated industries such as financial services and pharmaceuticals.  Remixing does not allow sellers to modify the content of a slide. Sales reps can reorder slides within a presentation, or mix slides from multiple “master decks”, to create exactly the content they need.  Administrators can choose to enable or disable either content editing or remix capabilities based on group roles and permissions.

Highspot is the only Sales Enablement vendor included in Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Partner Program and therefore the only one to offer integrated Office Online editing. 

“We are pleased to enable innovative companies like Highspot to connect their services to Office Online and Office for iOS,” said Steven Guggenheimer, corporate vice president and chief evangelist, Microsoft. “The addition of real-time co-authoring makes it even easier for customers to take full advantage of Office Online for documents stored within Highspot.”

To learn more about the Highspot integration with Microsoft Office, view our Highspot in Action 5 min demo video on Office integration, or sign up from a live online demo.