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Office Online Integration

Many sales reps customize sales presentations to make the content more relevant for their customer. They may add a customer’s logo, customize the agenda, or detail benefits specific to that prospect. Today, to make these changes, a rep must download the presentation from their sales content repository, make the necessary customizations, save it to their local hard drive, upload to their presentation software or email client, and then present to the client. This arduous process not only wastes time, but complicates version control and sales content performance tracking.

Highspot’s integration with Microsoft Office Online enables a sales rep to edit documents and presentations directly from within the Highspot application.  This integration allows sellers to customize the content they share with prospects while saving time, reducing opportunities for error, and giving companies advanced analytics on how sales content evolves as it reaches customers.  No other sales enablement platform offers this capability.

This Highspot in Action product video focuses on Office Online integration.

Highspot’s seamless integration with Office Online is a powerful way sales reps can have effective conversations with their prospects.

The best way to understand the power of Highspot is to start using it.

  • Connect sales to the most effective content
  • Present to customers and track engagement
  • Optimize content and sales pitches

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