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Enablement Metrics Increase Win Rate, Report Finds

Posted in:  Sales Enablement Strategy, Sales Training, Coaching, and Onboarding

Experts have found that setting goals improves the performance of employees. By creating goals tied to larger organizational efforts, individuals are more motivated because they understand how their role makes a wider impact. Goals and their corresponding metrics also give managers the ability to track progress and provide ongoing feedback where improvement is necessary. Without measuring success and tracking progress, companies are essentially hoping for the best at the quarter- and year-end.

In their recent Sales Enablement Analytics Report, Sales Enablement Pro echoed a similar sentiment. The report found that organizations that established and tracked enablement metrics achieved higher win rates and ROI. However, the research demonstrates you must measure the right metrics to make a real business impact.

Tracking Proficiency Metrics

Take, for instance, sales proficiency metrics. Sales proficiency encompasses many areas including onboarding, training, coaching, and sales talent acquisition and retention. Revenue teams need the right tools and knowledge to successfully engage customers and close deals. Without a strong foundation beginning with onboarding, companies jeopardize the potential of their talent. To positively impact proficiency, enablement needs to approach metrics through the lens of sales competencies, skill improvement, and behavior change rather than counting the number of activities. Below, you’ll find the top-tracked proficiency metrics and how they correlate to positive business outcomes.

Tracking Productivity Metrics

Boosting productivity is at the top of the priority list for most enablement practitioners. But what does it really mean to boost productivity? For example, salespeople are often inundated with information, assets, and tools meant to help them. But without guidance on what, when, where, and how to use information, sellers risk spending time and effort in areas or activities that don’t yield results.

What’s harder is that activity metrics on their own will not move the needle when it comes to sales productivity. Productivity is an equation that requires both efficiency and effectiveness. Enablement practitioners must also do the analysis necessary to assess true sales productivity. Greater business impact depends on it.

business impact of sales productivity metrics

As companies increase their investments in sales enablement, stakeholders now have a strong desire to understand which metrics are driving positive results. The Sales Enablement Analytics Report provides effective strategies for measuring enablement success across three main areas: Performance, Proficiency, and Productivity.

To learn which sales enablement metrics are driving tangible business outcomes, download the full report, here.