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Discover Highspot: Powering Impactful Buyer Engagement with AI-Driven Insights

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B2B organizations are putting pressure on their enablement and product marketing teams to drive true impact – not just keep busy with day-to-day activities. Expectations are high, with leaders looking to these teams to provide insight into what’s working and what isn’t, but most lack a clear way to quantify that impact and tie enablement content and activities to tangible business outcomes. Understanding those business outcomes in the form of quantifiable ROI gives these teams a clear vision for continuous improvement as they look to increase investment in what works and pull back on the approaches that don’t.

The teams that can provide their leaders with these insights see better results: 4% higher quota attainment and 6% higher win rates than those who can’t, and they’re 2x more likely to exceed the expectations of their executive teams – according to SE Pro State of Sales Enablement 2022.

Announcing Engagement Genomics

Today, Highspot customers can start to take advantage of new functionality in beta that makes it possible to measure content ROI, better connect enablement activity to business impact, and understand how resources perform in the context of specific sales scenarios with Engagement Genomics, a part of the new enhanced Pitch experience.

Engagement Genomics leverages AI to connect the content reps use in Highspot to the real-world outcomes they drive by automatically relating reps’ Pitches to CRM records in Salesforce. The advantages are two-fold:

  1. A more streamlined experience for reps that frees up their time to focus on what matters most: delivering a great experience for their buyers. Engagement Genomics takes away the need for reps to manually tie buyer engagement through Pitches to specific Salesforce records.
  2. A more complete, more accurate picture of how content and plays perform for marketing and enablement teams – how it ties to revenue impact and where it’s driving success at various points in the buying cycle – so they can better understand what’s working and what’s not, and use that data to guide future content and program investments.

This means they can truly understand the precise business impact of content, enable sellers with the right content at the right time for every buying scenario, and help guide organizations toward the content investments that will drive maximum success.

Improving the Pitch Experience for Sales Teams

With the release of Engagement Genomics, we’re also rolling out significant enhancements to the Pitch experience for sales reps and their managers. The new Pitches page allows these teams to customize, filter, and see more information about each pitch at-a-glance, such as the name and size of Salesforce opportunities that are tied to each Pitch using the power of Engagement Genomics. Reps can quickly find the information they’re looking for, and sales managers are now easily able to view pitches and engagement across their team.

In addition to the new Pitches page, the Pitch Scorecard provides even better visibility into pitch performance and buyer engagement. With clear insights and relevant CRM data served up at first glance, reps can also pivot deeper engagement data to see where buyers spent the most time engaging with the content that was shared. This gives them the data they need to understand what resonates with buyers, and can be used to help reps customize their selling approach.

See It In Action

How Does Engagement Genomics Work?

Engagement Genomics is driven by innovative technology from Highspot’s acquisition of Since the acquisition, Highspot has integrated the core natively into our codebase to give customers world-class, AI-driven inferencing and buyer engagement insights.

This technology works by actively syncing data from relevant systems of record (such as CRM), creating inferred connections between records by using data science techniques, and then interpreting the data with AI models in order to reconstruct a detailed, interconnected picture of the customer journey.

By having this complete picture, Highspot is now able to make highly accurate connections between Pitches and CRM records (e.g. contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities). We’re using this data to model interactions, understand relationships, and provide insight into the impact and outcomes of sales and enablement activities.

Get Started

Customers looking to enable Engagement Genomics functionality and Pitch experience enhancements for sales reps and their managers should reach out to their Highspot account team to get started. Don’t have Highspot yet? Request a demo today.