How Criteo Increased Engagement in Enablement Programs by 52%

Learn how Highspot helped Criteo work more strategically and align teams, ultimately driving success in a number of areas.

recurring usage of the Highspot platform
increase in rep engagement in enablement programs
content findability with improved management


Criteo is a global technology company helping advertisers, retailers, and publishers activate and monetize their audiences. Its mission is to bring richer experiences to every consumer by powering the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising. However, without an internal infrastructure to serve as a single source of truth for sales resources, Criteo struggled to effectively engage its sellers. Through Highspot, the company found a centralized solution to both organize and empower the team.






Low Engagement and Siloes Limit Cohesion

Criteo helps marketers and media owners reach their goals through the world’s leading Commerce Media Platform. Though without a robust internal platform to help drive its external efforts, the company faced challenges enabling the sales team and meeting its own goals. “A key business challenge we faced was getting people engaged,” said John Pullen, vice president of strategic enablement and go-to-market at Criteo. “It’s difficult getting people to feel like they get to do this enablement rather than have to.” It was becoming clear how crucial a role engagement plays in properly equipping the sales team, which in turn affects the success, for better or worse, of customer conversations. 

In addition to team engagement, maintaining communication and collaboration across multiple functions within the company was a challenge. Without a more cohesive process, teams across the company functioned in siloes, limiting collaboration. Criteo needed a more centralized solution with both internal and external-facing capabilities to improve connection across the business.

We needed to figure out how to connect all of these disparate audiences that we have. We need to not only enable our sales team, but our technical teams and our customers.

John PullenVP of Strategic Enablement and Go-To-Market, Criteo


Less Chaos, More Collaboration

Implementing Highspot gave Criteo the connective tissue it required among its teams, allowing them to communicate more cross-functionally and ultimately work more collaboratively. “We not only have a robust, user-friendly place to put things, but we have an actual sales enablement tool that can help connect everything together,” explained Pullen. “We can now point everyone to it and say, ‘If you need something, this is where you’re going to easily find it.’” The team no longer had to search for content in a myriad of places, making Highspot the single source of truth. By unifying teams in one central location, Criteo achieved a 93% recurring usage rate of the platform. 

This unification also provided the team with the accessibility they had been lacking, improving efficiency and content findability by 84%. It also gave sellers the clarity and context they needed to be successful in their role, giving them access to information when and where they needed it. “You’re going to be able to find what you need quickly, but you’re able to put it into context and say ‘I need to understand this, and I need to understand what I need to go do,’” detailed Pullen. “Highspot helps to do that; it helps us to save time and create a little bit of sanity among the chaos.” 

With the necessary context, the team is able to operate more strategically, and therefore, more effectively. “Highspot shows our sellers what the material is, how they can remix it, how they can present it all in one place, and how to understand what is and isn’t working,” said Pullen.

Each quarter, we think about what the next set of sales skills are, what the next product release is, or what previous product release needs to be reinvigorated or renewed, and Highspot is right there with us to make all of that available.

John PullenVP of Strategic Enablement and Go-To-Market, Criteo


Better Engagement Increases Sales Confidence

For Criteo, engagement was the change agent needed to take once-siloed audiences to well-aligned and collaborative teams. A centralized tool helped Criteo work more strategically, ultimately driving success in a number of areas across the company such as rep engagement, which saw a 52% increase in enablement programs.

With Highspot, Criteo is able to propel the company’s strategic thinking toward continued success. “We’re starting to make a change in the way we operate by asking how we can understand the impact of our efforts,” noted Pullen. “That is taking on an increased urgency and importance for us that we couldn’t have without Highspot.”

We’re seeing a change in behavior and our ability to understand that change. As a result, we’re seeing changes in customer churn, as well as increased success and confidence with our sales reps.

John PullenVP of Strategic Enablement and Go-To-Market, Criteo

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