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Webinar: Unleash the Power of Content

Too often, B2B sales professionals are forced to take a spray-and-pray approach when it comes to providing their prospects with the collateral and messaging that will help them seal the deal. You know the drill: Marketing creates an admirable library of content with the best of intentions, but when it comes to one particular buyer’s needs…well, you’re really busy, so you send a couple of attachments via email that you hope elicit the right response, and then wonder if they were even opened.

There IS a better way, and in this webinar, you’ll learn about it from Aberdeen Research and Highspot. Best-in-Class organizations are leveraging sales enablement technologies and best practices to turn content into revenue by understanding how to:

  • Create a more efficient library of market-facing content
  • Leverage the power of user feedback to curate the most effective messaging
  • Discover immediate insights into how buyers and prospects react to pitches
  • Analyze content effectiveness in real-time, and convert this intel into better pipeline management
  • Integrate the entire sales enablement lifecycle into CRM


Peter Ostrow
Peter Ostrow is the VP/Group Director, Customer Management and Principal Analyst, Sales Effectiveness at the Aberdeen Group, a leading provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain.At Aberdeen, Peter oversees research consumed by end-users in Marketing, Sales and Service management roles. He also leads the Sales Effectiveness practice, covering the technology, service and consulting enablers that enterprise sales forces deploy to become best-in-class organizations. His research is widely publicized and covers topics such as sales training, sales intelligence, CRM/SFA, sales performance management and integrating technologies around customer acquisition and retention.

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