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Webinar: The Modern SKO, How to Design an Innovative Sales Kickoff

Given the new world of hybrid and remote workforces, the need for connection and collaboration is more critical than ever before. With increased market complexities and the reality of a recession, driving sustainable behavior change and consistent execution across initiatives becomes a business imperative. Often, the “fix” is delivering more training, more tools or more resources to a salesforce that is already overwhelmed.

In contrast to this strategy, organizations have the opportunity to modernize events like an annual SKO to cut through the noise, create platforms for collaboration and drive sustainable behavior change that aligns with the highest business priorities.

In this on-demand webinar, Highspot’s Annie Lizenbergs, Sr. Director of Enablement – L&D, and Jessica Boyd, Sr. Manager, Revenue Enablement – Programs, will share a scalable approach to designing and delivering an innovative SKO model, including:

  • A modern SKO framework for skill building and reinforcement
  • Cadenced SKO events that drive differentiated learning across a fiscal year
  • Leadership coaching to maximize effectiveness
  • Highspot’s pre and post-event plays used to drive ongoing engagement
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