Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement

Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement

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The term sales enablement is sometimes used very broadly. After all, the point of a business is to get its product in the hands of customers, so if you consider everything the company does to “enable” the sales team, you could even include all of engineering and marketing! But over the past several years, the picture has gotten much clearer. If you think of the sales process as a funnel, with four basic stages, the first half is owned by marketing and is focused on generating interest in the company’s products and services. That part of the sales cycle has been transformed by the advent of marketing automation software, which allows companies to reach out to a broad audience and nurture leads until they are ready to be engaged by the sales team. The second half is primarily owned by sales, and is focused on closing deals and generating revenue. It is being transformed by sales enablement software, which equips the sellers with the tools, skills, and assets they need to engage effectively with buyers and drive the maximum revenue for the company.


Emergence of Sales Enablment


Sales enablement is a hot topic right now because companies that deploy a sales enablement solution can see dramatic ROI (return on investment) for both their marketing and sales teams.

Marketing teams know that much of the content they work so hard to produce is not yielding business results. Various studies paint a consistently grim picture…and that’s exactly what we see when companies begin to measure content performance. Typically, on the order of 65% of marketing content is never used by the sales team. Which means that 2/3 of the investment in this marketing content is wasted—the ROI on content that never gets used is zero.



The story gets worse. Even when content is being sent to customers, does it move the deal forward? By using tools that measure usage and performance, marketers can radically optimize their content investments, focusing on creating content that gets in front of customers and effectively drives revenue.

Ultimately, the key goal of sales enablement is to make reps more effective at closing deals and driving revenue. The opportunity is large—companies that are the best in class in their industry have 50% higher quota attainment than average companies.

Sales Enablement Advantage for Marketing


And those best-in- class companies are twice as likely to be using a sales enablement solution that addresses major obstacles to driving sales:

  • The time needed by a new seller to become effective (on average, 7 months)

  • Seller turnover (typically 30%)

  • Time wasted searching for and creating selling materials (3-4 hours per week, per rep)

The result is that sellers engage more effectively with customers, and engagement is the lifeblood of a successful sales process.

Definitive Guide Topics

This guide provides a comprehensive picture of what is needed to successfully understand, evaluate, design, launch, and operate a sales enablement platform. The guide covers the following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Calculating the ROI of Sales Enablement
  • Chapter 2: Evolution of Sales Enablement Solutions
  • Chapter 3: Sales Enablement Platform Capabilities
  • Chapter 4: Sales Enablement Maturity Model
  • Chapter 5: Sales Enablement Deployment Guide
  • Chapter 6: Sales Enablement Solution Design
  • Chapter 7: Sales Enablement Content Performance
  • Chapter 8: Sales Enablement Seller Readiness
  • Chapter 9: Sales Enablement Solution Health
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion

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