Red Hat

Red Hat, Inc. ( provides open source software solutions to enterprises worldwide, including operating system, virtualization, management, middleware, cloud, mobile, and storage technologies. Red Hat operates in 35 countries and has over 85 global offices, approximately 9,000 employees, and over 2,000 sales reps.  The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.   

“Highspot was a perfect fit for us.  Rather than going to 15 different places to find the content needed in closing a deal, sales now has quick access to meaningful content via their desktop and mobile devices without needing to VPN to repositories behind our firewall.”

-Greg Munster, Sr. Director, Global Sales Productivity

“With Highspot, not only can we keep everything in one place, but also manage in sensible and intuitive ways.  Plus we have higher-quality and better access to analytics, which has resulted in constant growth.“

-Alan “Indy” Rhodes, Content Specialist, Red Hat Content Hub


The content that a Red Hat sales rep needed to drive sales was scattered across many different locations.  It was difficult to find content and to know which items were relevant, appropriate, and effective.  Lacking insight into sales usage and content value, marketing was struggling to prioritize the content that sales needed, that would get used, and that would effectively engage customers to move deals forward.  

In addition, an abundance of pre-existing sales tools was making content management difficult for reps and marketers.  This problem was particularly acute because Red Hat is a company that supports a diversity of approaches within the organization.  According to Greg Munster, “Sales people would go to 12 different places to find content.  That’s 11 too many.”


Armed with the expectation that sales enablement software would help them overcome content sprawl and optimize sales performance, Red Hat embarked upon a thorough analysis of their needs and 15+ vendor solutions.  Ultimately they selected Highspot, not only because of our robust and flexible feature set, but also because we tightly aligned with their requirements and are committed to Open Source.


Over 13 teams were involved in the Highspot implementation.  By the time of the May 10, 2016 rollout, over 3,000 pieces of content had been organized. The Highspot solution became the Red Hat Content Hub and everyone using the platform was trained and up-to-speed. 

From raising awareness via engagement with sales leadership to field validation, web-based training, train the trainer initiatives, internal promotions, and grassroots rallying, Red Hat went to great lengths to ensure it would be well-positioned to generate a positive return on its investment.



  • Effectively organize and manage thousands of pieces of sales content in many formats and languages that are used by a worldwide sales force
  • Gather data and insights on content performance
  • Optimize their content investments and their use of content throughout the sales cycle
  • Improve sales and marketing content alignment


  • A single solution that provides all the relevant sales and marketing content
  • Analytics for identifying the impact of specific content on sales conversions
  • A complete platform for easy content discovery, platform integrations, and customer engagement


  • Highspot deployed to 2,700+ users, all supported by a readiness plan that included in-region and online training
  • Over 3,000 pieces of content are being managed on Highspot at Red Hat
  • The solution is integrated with Salesforce and all the content is available within the CRM system as well as in the standalone desktop and mobile environment
  • Over 13 different internal teams, spanning sales, marketing, and IT, worked together to implement the solution and deliver it on schedule

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