Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Does Hybrid Live Up to the Hype?

Over the past two years, sales and marketing have had to rapidly adapt to new ways of engaging and motivating buyers. This includes a mixture of formats from virtual to hybrid meetings. But what is the most effective way to conduct a sales call?

Corporate Visions recently conducted a brain science study with more than 140 participants from B2B companies to find out what buyers prefer — hybrid or virtual?

In this Corporate Visions report, you will learn:

  • How to build and deliver a persuasive sales presentation that moves your buyers to action
  • Why sellers should go virtual for high-level presentations
  • How the long-term success of a seller still hinges on their ability to consistently articulate value in every conversation and in every meeting environment.

Uncover best practices to achieve long-term sales success by downloading the report today.

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