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SiriusDecisions B2B Cost of Content

Highspot Content Cost IG-FINALMany B2B marketing organizations act as if that their internally generated content costs nothing. Few organizations have a discipline or methodology in place to truly understand their costs of creating content – either internally or externally.

In response, SiriusDecisions recently conducted a study on content creation costs using their proprietary calculation methodology. SiriusDecisions surveyed 291 respondents with strong decision-making authority over the content creation process. The survey found the majority of B2B content creation investment is executed internally, which means that most content creation costs are hidden.


Based on the results of the survey, SiriusDecisions authored this brief, The Pulse: B2B Content Creation Costs and Outputs, that provides insight into the implications of being able to quantified content investments in order to be analyzed and optimized for increased utilization and productivity in B2B organizations.

Here at Highspot, we couldn’t agree more. Highspot’s Sales Enablement platform represents the next generation of technology to help increase sales effectiveness and close more deals. Of course Highspot provides world class sales content management and pitching capabilities, but what makes it “Next Gen” is the deep machine learning and comprehensive analytics enabling marketing and sales to work smarter (not harder) and optimize content and sales processes.

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