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7 Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement

7 Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement

How many software systems, portals, and content repositories does your organization use to manage content for sales today? How many times do you hear that sales can’t find the content they need? It can be much, much easier with sales enablement.

Companies who successfully use sales enablement to address these problems — companies such as Apptio, Twitter, SAP Concur, and — rave about how easy it is to organize, find, manage, and update content with an effective sales enablement platform. They enjoy:


  • A single sales enablement portal to manage all sales content for world-wide sales
  • The ability to organize content specific to each field organization’s needs, but marketing can still track and manage content holistically
  • Intuitive browsing with filters and groups, powerful search and recommended content based on opportunity characteristics
  • Integration with nearly all enterprise content management systems, cloud or on-premise
  • A cloud-based and fully mobile solution, so it is accessible everywhere on any device
  • A full suite of analytics so you can measure content usage, customer engagement, and influence on revenue

By deploying a sales enablement solution designed for sales content management, you can enjoy these benefits and help sales increase their quota attainment by nearly 50%. With the “7 Steps to Getting Started with Sales Enablement” guide, you’ll ensure that you get off to a great start. Download it today!

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