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Put Your Sales Content to Work: Best Practices in Sales Enablement Volume 2

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Few positions are as competitively intense as that of a sales rep.  Day-to-day, minute-to-minute, they rely upon the most current intelligence and content.  By leveraging the benefits of modern sales enablement technology, sales reps can work smarter and close deals more effectively than ever before.

Today we’re launching Volume 2 of our Best Practices series.  This is the second in a three-part series of guidebooks that deliver field-tested recommendations for companies striving to get more out of their sales enablement processes and technology.  Each book acknowledges the broad assortment of priorities, assets, and customer insights that sales enablement pros need to manage every day.  From helping reps identify the best-performing content for each stage of a buying cycle to analyzing content performance, sales enablement lends order to what can be a chaotic process.  The result: faster conversions and higher revenues. 

In Best Practices Volume 1: Faster Sales Start Here we illustrated how to get started with sales enablement.  We reviewed key roles, responsibilities, and steps to ensuring outcomes meet their intended purpose.   In Volume 2, we dive into deployment and how to drive a successful rollout.  It’s during this phase when companies often make key decisions that determine the ultimate success of their solution.  With this guide and others in the series, we want you to put today’s most innovative sales enablement ideas to work – and fast.

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Highlights of Volume 2 include:

Mapping Your Content

Once you’ve committed to sales enablement, the next step is developing a content map.  The purpose of mapping is to identify the content you have to work with, what you need, and where it fits in your company strategy.  In this chapter, we outline how you can develop your own content map with a level of precision sales and marketing teams will value.

Validating Your Content Map

The validation phase centers on cross-organizational endorsement that what’s in your content map is comprehensive, easy to understand, and ready for sales to use.  This is where we illustrate how to foster open dialogue among marketing, sales, and sales enablement teams.  It’s also where we showcase how a content map is brought to life.

Launching Your Solution

All the setup in the world will be for naught without an effective launch.  In this chapter, we highlight key factors to consider when loading your content, provisioning users, and training users on your sales enablement platform.  We couple pragmatic advice with strategic thinking to help ensure your launch is the starting point you need to exceed expectations.

Ensuring Successful Adoption

Evangelization complements training and helps teams successfully adopt their sales enablement solution. And like training, it must evolve alongside business needs.  This is where we illustrate how to bring users up the learning curve fast by aligning your evangelization focus to phased goals and usage metrics.  It’s also where we share ideas on why and how to infuse sales enablement into your day-to-day activities.

Maintaining High Performance

The best sales enablement pros deliver content, analytics, and engagement options with impeccable attention to detail.  In this chapter, we reveal proven approaches to ensuring your ongoing operations run as smoothly as possible.  From governance to analytics, reviews, and rigorous use of closed-loop feedback, there’s no shortage of activities to keep in mind.

Companies of all types are investing in sales enablement and dramatically improving sales performance.  The biggest gains are typically recognized by teams who commit the most time to content mapping, deployment, training, and evangelization.  They’re categories where upfront attention to detail often has a massive effect on long-term success.

Best Practices Volume 2 is available on the Resources page at, where you’ll find an abundance of additional sales enablement infomation.  This is also where we maintain a library of case studies, product videos, including our Highspot Overview and much more.

For quick reference, we recommend bookmarking the Highspot Best Practices page.  It’s our hub for sharing what we’ve learned over hundreds of customer engagements.

Also stay tuned for Volume 3 of our Best Practices Series, Transform Your Business, which will launch in mid-November.  In Volume 3, we’ll addresses optimization and leadership techniques we’ve found especially important, plus our thoughts on the future of sales enablement.

To learn more about how Highspot’s industry-leading sales enablement technology can help you manage, find, customize, share, and analyze your sales content better than ever before, drop a line to or request a demo.  We’d be delighted to hear from you.