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New Research: 2018 State of Sales Enablement

Posted in:  Highspot News, Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales enablement has revealed itself to be an increasingly critical contributor to B2B sales growth, giving businesses a powerful advantage in connecting with today’s modern buyers. This is just one of the many insights that come out of this year’s State of Sales Enablement report.

This year’s report shows the gap in success between those with and without formal sales enablement programs is widening.

In the report, which is now available for download, you’ll see that sales enablement is transformational in companies. This tectonic shift is creating more empowered and productive sales organizations, and it further illustrates the importance of enacting or updating a sales enablement strategy quickly—before competitors gain the edge.

2018 highlights:

  • Nearly 70% of respondents reported that their company/team’s sales process was becoming more complex.
  • 55% reported that their sales performance was being negatively impacted by the increasing level of sales process complexity.
  • 66% reported using some type of sales enablement process.
  • More than 50% reported using sales enablement tools for less than two years.
  • More than 63% of respondents using sales enablement tools reported to be on track to achieve sales goals (vs. 48% from respondents not using sales enablement tools)

The report also provides a closer look at what the sales enablement function looks like within an organization — who drives it, who owns it, and what initiatives of sales enablement are deemed the most critical to success.

To gain these and other insights about the state of sales enablement in 2018, download your complimentary copy of the report here.