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5 Tips to Go Beyond What Good Looks Like With Enablement

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Between efficiency demands, economic uncertainty, and AI’s industry disruption, enablement teams are feeling pressure to improve sales productivity while adapting to change—and many don’t have examples of what good looks like. How can you run a successful enablement program today if you don’t have a standard for success?

Enablement is vital to acclimate to changes in the business climate. By embracing innovation and aligning your enablement programs with business initiatives, you can embody what good looks like and achieve your organization’s goals.

Push the envelope of sales enablement by driving efficiency through AI, scaling coaching with actionable insights, tying enablement efforts to business results, unifying the sales tech stack, and engaging buyers with digital experiences.

Here are five tips to go beyond what good looks like in enablement so you can drive world-class programs that empower your reps to win more deals.

Unleash Productivity With AI-powered Enablement

As organizations work to achieve more with less, AI innovation will help turn strategic initiatives into revenue performance by unlocking enablement efficiency. Sales, marketing, and enablement teams are using AI to accelerate administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on more strategic endeavors. By embracing AI, you can empower your revenue teams with the tools and newfound time to be more buyer-centric.

TIP: Harness the power of AI to streamline daily tasks, so you can expedite your company’s ability to equip, train, coach, and analyze rep performance at scale. Highspot Copilot helps your sales, marketing, sales leadership, and enablement teams to automate governance activities and manage content at scale, advise reps on practice and real-world sales scenarios, co-create personalized content, and answer anything from within the platform. AI-driven enablement will eliminate barriers in your work and unleash the productivity of your workforce. In fact, sales leaders report their sales enablement programs helped drive an 18% increase in rep productivity over the last year.

Scale Coaching With Insights on Real-world Conversations

Continuously developing reps’ skills is how you respond to buyers’ changing needs and go beyond what good looks like. Time-strapped frontline managers need guidance to coach their reps well and provide feedback at scale. Enablement needs to know if and how reps are driving strategic initiatives. Without this knowledge, managers can’t identify skill gaps to close, and enablement doesn’t know what to focus on to land the initiatives in the field. Prior to implementing Highspot, 70% of customers struggled with the lack of insight into seller actions. By arming enablement and managers with coaching insights, they can hold reps accountable to take the necessary actions to refine their performance and drive successful initiatives.

TIP: Give sales enablement and frontline managers actionable insights on their reps to scale coaching effectiveness. With Meeting Intelligence, you can gain visibility into your sellers’ real-world buyer interactions to identify how rep behaviors and strategic initiatives are landing. When sales managers coach reps to reinforce desired behaviors, sellers are 40% more confident in their abilities to perform and organizations report 14-percentage-point higher win rates.

Land Enablement’s Value With the C-Suite Through Analytics 

It can be difficult to measure the performance of your sales enablement programs to solidify C-Suite buy-in. In fact, 57% of enablement leaders were unable to measure enablement’s impact prior to becoming a Highspot customer. Through Engagement Genomics, you can connect revenue data to enablement activity in your CRM to determine what’s moving deals forward. Tracking the impact of your enablement programs on business outcomes is crucial to prove the value of these efforts to executive leaders.

TIP: Utilize the Initiative Scorecard in Highspot which provides a dashboard on the performance of your initiatives, so you can track go-to-market outcomes that resonate with the C-Suite in one place. With a unified view of business outcome data, you can analyze how your programs are helping land your strategic initiatives early on, to keep them on track and optimize performance. Companies that use analytics to understand what effective enablement looks like report 7-percentage-point higher win rates.

Consolidate and Integrate Your Tech Stack

Siloed tools and poor integrations inhibit sales productivity and create barriers to closing deals. Prior to Highspot, 36% of our customers struggled with poor integration of their previous solution with other technologies. Well-integrated tools allow reps to find what they need quickly and provide valuable insights to sell more effectively. To streamline and improve the sales process, unify your tech stack by connecting data and rep workflows across a complex set of tools.

TIP: Connect your CRM to your enablement platform to gain a complete picture of how your efforts are influencing business results. Our improved Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration enables a 360-degree view on buyer activity with insights to improve lead management. Through a well-integrated tech stack, reps can become more productive at engaging buyers with the right content in the context of the deal—as customers who integrate their CRM with Highspot share 2x more content externally.

Expedite Buying Decisions With Interactive Experiences

In a sales environment that is increasingly intense, reps need to take control of the buying experience and help buyers reach a decision. Today’s buyers are making snap decisions, up against a requirement to reduce costs. To justify their investment in your solution and drive urgency, it’s crucial to build an experience customized to buyers’ needs. Reps can take advantage of modern digital experiences that elevate the buying process and provide a source of always-on interaction with your buyer.

TIP: Leverage Digital Rooms to surface relevant sales content in personalized, interactive portals that buyers can access throughout the sales process. Over the last year, Highspot connected more than 15 million buyers through modern sales experiences, and our customers have seen 2.3x higher buyer engagement when utilizing Digital Rooms.


Going beyond the bounds of what’s possible with sales enablement requires you to be innovative and agile. Leveraging Highspot can help you optimize your sales outcomes to ensure you’re enabling reps with the tools that work. By utilizing AI to enhance productivity, coaching with real-world insights, connecting enablement to key results, integrating your tech stack, and engaging buyers with modern experiences, you can scale your enablement efforts beyond what good looks like—and make enablement essential to your organization.

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