Seismic started out as a document generation platform targeting the primary use case of automating the creation of customized and compliant content at scale. For this reason, its technology has been most relevant in environments that are highly regulated with significant compliance requirements, with limited need for sellers to easily find or personalize content. Seismic’s top use case is LiveDocs — a feature primarily designed for content marketers versus sales leadership, sales enablement, or product marketing teams that need a solution that will be easily adopted and used by sellers. Customers that have used Seismic consistently report running into frustrating limitations.

Seismic Limitations

folder-based organization

Poor sales due to inaccurate search results and non-intuitive folder-based interface

wasted time

Significant overhead and time spent administering and maintaining the solution

limited integrations

Limited integrations with other existing software platforms

Highspot Advantages

Highspot content management

An award-winning approach to content management, where content is organized in “Spots” instead of a traditional file and folder structure

Highspot SmartPages

Ability to create dynamic, mobile-ready sales playbooks and customize seller and buyer experiences using Highspot SmartPages

sales AI

Advanced analytics powered by patented artificial intelligence technology

sales tool integrations

More than 50 technology integrations—the most of any sales enablement platform on the market

sales adoption and customer retention

Unparalleled sales usage and adoption and customer retention

Highspot and Seismic Side-by-Side Comparison

Content Management
Content Management Spots
An intuitive way to organize and browse content
Content Management Folders
Requires sellers to know nesting structure
Sales Guidance
Sales Guidance SmartPages
Dynamic sales plays and interactive guidance
Sales Guidance Files
Guidance is buried in docs or PDFs, going unused
Seller Adoption
Seller Adoption 90%+
Seller adoption and adding ex-Seismic customers monthly
Seller Adoption Limited
Has never successfully switched a Highspot customer
Administration Single System
User controls so admin tasks are federated
Administration Separate Console
Requires SilverLight to function
Integrations 50+
Work with existing technology and meet sellers where they are
Integrations Limited
Fewer integrations and lacking essentials such as G Suite, LinkedIn, and more
Implementation 2 months
Implementation 4 months

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