Seismic started out as a document generation platform targeting the primary use case of automating the creation of customized and compliant content at scale. For this reason, its technology has been most relevant in environments that are highly regulated with significant compliance requirements, with limited need for sellers to easily find or personalize content. Seismic’s top use case is LiveDocs — a feature primarily designed for content marketers versus sales leadership, sales enablement, or product marketing teams that need a solution that will be easily adopted and used by sellers. Customers that have used Seismic consistently report running into frustrating limitations.

Seismic Limitations

Highspot Advantages

Highspot and Seismic Side-by-Side Comparison

Content Management
Content Management Spots
An intuitive way to organize and browse content
Content Management Folders
Requires sellers to know nesting structure
Sales Guidance
Sales Guidance SmartPages
Dynamic sales plays and interactive guidance
Sales Guidance Files
Guidance is buried in docs or PDFs, going unused
Seller Adoption
Seller Adoption 90%+
Seller adoption and adding ex-Seismic customers monthly
Seller Adoption Limited
Has never successfully switched a Highspot customer
Administration Single System
User controls so admin tasks are federated
Administration Separate Console
Requires SilverLight to function
Integrations 50+
Work with existing technology and meet sellers where they are
Integrations Limited
Fewer integrations and lacking essentials such as G Suite, LinkedIn, and more
Implementation 1 month
Implementation 4 months

Seismic vs. Highspot - Seismc competitors

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Seismic reviews on G2 Crowd

Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

I dislike how content is uploaded / managed [in Seismic]. It’s a bit clunky and from an administrator’s perspective, difficult to use. There are great tools like LiveDocs, but the learning curve around building a simple LiveDoc (let alone complex) is quite high.

Jamie Cohen
Senior Manager of Product Marketing
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Quotation Mark

The coding is complex, and although we have not had an issue yet, I have concerns about how to address difficult new requirements if and when they arise.

Ali Vance
Denver Investments
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Quotation Mark

The admin tools used to create customized documents using LiveForms and document variables could use a little polishing, as I will occasionally run into unintelligible error messages and/or the application will freeze and crash resulting in some lost work. I have learned to save frequently!

Jamie Clarke
Senior Business Process Consultant
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

The preview screens for assembling content are so small that it is hard to see what you are picking to build a proposal or presentation. The LiveSend function does not have the ability to automatically include your signature (have to cut and paste).

Scott Svehlak
Senior IT Services Consultant
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

I wish it was more MAC-compatible and a little more user-friendly for administrative users.

Tia Newman
Product Marketing
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

The interface colors and use is awful. Also, the search function should be a constant showing. Why do I have to go back to the library to search?

Catherine Costa Beatty
Neuberger Berman
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

The platform can improve the menu with more information about specific searches. The LiveSend is an issue due to the lack of information related to customer’s view. When a customer clicks on the content, the LiveSend should send me a report with all information, but it is not curated. Most part of the reports that I received was saying that the customer spent all time in the first page, even if I was with this customer.

Julio Lima
Sales and Marketing Director
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Quotation Mark

I don’t like that the hyperlinks expire after a 2-week period. I’d like to see it last at least 30 days just so I’m not sending the customer too many emails.

Jarvis Nichols
Account Development Manager
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Quotation Mark

LiveDoc coding is complex and not self-intuitive for administrators. Internal usage reports could improve.

Carolina Echeverri
Sales Enablement Manager
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Quotation Mark

It can be unreliable. The server goes down and you have to have strong internet access to generate a pitch.

Caitlin Liguori
Regional Account Manager
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

The administrative tools for building LiveDocs in the system (customized content templates) are tedious, cumbersome, and inflexible. There are not a lot of customization options for the design of the LiveForm used to gather the user’s inputs. The tools are built using outdated technology (Silverlight) and are very error-prone when trying to do anything more than the most basic of functionality. The sort order of documents/folders in the DocCenter is not flexible. For example, documents within a folder are always sorted alphanumerically, but folders are always at the top of the list regardless of the name. Let’s say we want to put 5 documents in a folder and then at the bottom of the list we’d like to have a folder titled “Other” — that can’t be done. The folder will always float to the top of the list. This is frustrating from a design perspective. The built-in document usage reporting is difficult to use for our purposes.

Jamie Clarke
Senior Business Process Consultant
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

They could have better documentation around products that are more complex (like LiveDoc logic).

Mary Lindsay-Shiang
Sales Automation Consultant
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

The frontend and mobile app are very dynamic; however, the backend is in need of an update. They spent a lot of time making the frontend work well in any browser and mobile, but the backend where the admins work leverages older technology. Better that they updated the frontend for all the end users and they say they are in the process of updating it. Flexibility on the landing pages — would be nice to have sub-landing pages. They support multiple profile pages (which is great for different roles), but would be nice to have subpages support a tile layout like the homepage too.

Ron Totah
Senior Director of Sales Enablemen
Seismic logo
Quotation Mark

The search features within Seismic are absolutely terrible. We type in what we’re looking for and the results are not relevant. My team can rarely, if ever, find the documents we’re looking for. It makes Seismic completely useless, and I have just reverted back to my old system of saving documents on my computer or within my email. My system is not a perfect system but it’s much better than what Seismic has to offer. It is so bad that our Head of Operations announced last week they took off the majority of the content last week. The hope was that with less content it will be easier to find what’s there. I still don’t plan to use it because so far it has just been a waste of my time.

Sam Dahl
Research Services Account Executive
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