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Webinar: The Only Real Way to Move the Middle and Turn B Reps into A Reps

Whether it’s every month, quarter, or year, sales leaders can expect revenue goals to rise. The only way to hit those ever-increasing goals is to continue improving sales rep performance. Even with tools to improve efficiency, fewer than 50% of reps make quota.

To meet revenue goals, leaders must find a way to thaw the frozen middle — that is, transform “B” performers into “A” performers.

During the webinar, you will learn:

    • How to identify the most important behaviors of top-performing reps
    • Ways to get more reps speaking like top-performing reps
    • The secret to replicating the attitudes of your top-performers

Watch this webinar to get key tips and tricks to replicate successful behaviors, processes, and content across your entire sales organization.

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