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Webinar: Improving Sales Effectiveness by Turning B Salespeople into A Salespeople

The sales force’s success often depends upon its ability to improve the individual effectiveness of its salespeople. “B” performers — salespeople not yet performing at elite levels but who are nevertheless proven contributors capable of improvement — represent the best and largest single opportunity to impact individual improvement.

In this webinar from the Sales Management Association and Highspot, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the most important behaviors of top-performing reps
  • How to replicate successful behaviors, processes, and content across the sales organization
  • Key motivators for average-performing reps with potential
  • Ways to get more reps speaking like top-performing reps
  • The secret to replicating the attitudes of your top-performers

Watch this webinar now to gain approaches for transforming B players into A players as a means of driving overall sales force performance.

improving sales effectiveness by turning B salespeople into A salespeople

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