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Put an End to Sales Content Chaos

To compete in today’s fast-moving market, sellers need access to a stream of content that prepares them to engage with buyers at any given moment. For sellers, content is the key to convincing buyers to progress to the next stage of their buying journey. But without a content management strategy, it can be easy for the constant content churn to swamp sales reps and sink marketers, preventing them from finding and tracking the content they need to engage buyers.

This new whitepaper reveals ways to effectively manage sales content and empower, not inundate, your sales and marketing teams with these six actionable steps:

  1. Conduct a content-mapping exercise
  2. Audit content
  3. Curate existing content
  4. Provide content guidance to sellers
  5. Measure content usage, engagement, and ROI
  6. Maintain your course

Download the Put an End to Sales Content Chaos whitepaper today to get started on setting up your sales and marketing teams for content management success.

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