Webinar: The Power of Partnership – How Product Marketing and Sales Enablement Teams Can Drive Sales Success

When sales teams aren’t 100% in sync, it negatively impacts the bottom line. This webinar explores the common collaborative challenges that hinder sales productivity and shares actionable recommendations to address them through a strong product marketing and sales enablement partnership.

Our experts, Jarod Greene, VP of Product Marketing and Kelly Lewis, VP of Revenue Enablement, will get “open and real” about their experiences – unpacking insights on how they created a cohesive team environment, and the vital role a unified enablement platform plays in maintaining and growing efficient collaboration that aligns work, amplifies impact, and maximizes seller confidence.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Common challenges Jarod and Kelly experienced when their teams weren’t 100% in sync – and the downstream impact it had on sales
  • Tips for building and growing a strong relationship between product marketing and sales enablement teams that is foundational to consistent sales performance
  • What good looks like to help you improve your programs operational rigor – the key to greater sales productivity
  • How enablement platforms, like Highspot, can enhance collaboration, align efforts, and maximize seller confidence

View this on-demand webinar today to get access to advice you can actually use to create efficient collaborative processes, a system of accountability across your go-to-market, and ensure your product marketing and sales enablement programs make sellers successful.

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