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Highspot Security Overview: How We Protect Your Data

Highspot provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for building sales enablement experiences across a variety of web and mobile platforms, allowing customers to concentrate on their business and seller workflows while leveraging simple, built-in user administration and content management. Highspot monitors and manages the SaaS platform, user instances, and environments.

In addition to the intrinsic security features, there are other security settings and options that could be enabled at the customer instance level. Customer-specific security settings, user and password management, content sharing, and management are the responsibility of the customer. Highspot’s Information Security Team works to contain and mitigate risks to Highspot and collaborates with other teams to safeguard data and infrastructure and design secure controls for protection of customer data.

Read more about how Highspot protects your data in this security overview.

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