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Salesforce Integration

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy setting up your customer relationship management (CRM) system. The content your sellers need should be instantly available when they are working on an opportunity, lead, or contact.

Highspot supports the most complete Salesforce integration in the sales enablement industry, allowing targeting with any Salesforce field as well as with roles and profiles. Based on the characteristics of the opportunity such as Type, Product Line, and Stage, the most effective content is automatically surfaced in the opportunity. All Highspot capabilities are available directly within Salesforce. This Highspot in Action product video demonstrates Highspot’s integration with Salesforce.

In addition to targeting content, Highspot uses its machine learning and Content Genomics platform to score each item based on how well it has performed in similar situations. When reps find the right content, they can open it directly in Salesforce, allowing them all the power of Highspot including pitching the item directly to prospects. The Highspot integration with Salesforce is an incredibly powerful way that sales reps can connect to the most effective content.

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