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G2 Crowd Sales Enablement Report 2018

Before you invest in a sales enablement platform, it’s important to thoroughly understand the experience of using the software. Scheduling demo calls and reading vendors’ websites can only get you so far. That’s why it’s critical to review real-world user feedback to learn firsthand about a potential solution and compare against competitors.

The G2 Crowd Sales Enablement Grid Report is a helpful resource because it reflects customers’ feedback about sales enablement software platforms. The report ranks the platforms by customer satisfaction, based on user reviews, and market presence, based on market share, vendor size, and social impact. Then, it places the sales enablement tools in four categories:

  • Leader: Products that have high ratings from G2 Crowd users and substantial market presence scores
  • High Performer: Products that have high ratings from G2 Crowd users but not have not yet achieved the market presence of leaders
  • Contender: Products that have significant market presence and resources but have received below-average user satisfaction ratings or have not received a sufficient number of reviews to validate them
  • Niche: Products that do not have enough positive customer satisfaction ratings to validate them nor the market presence of leaders

g2 crowd  leader 2018

Highspot is proud to have been named a Leader based on its high customer satisfaction score and large market presence. Highspot received the highest satisfaction score among products in sales enablement. 99% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 94% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Highspot at a rate of 94%.

Compare 27 sales enablement platforms, including Highspot, in this G2 Crowd Spring 2018 Grid Report for Sales Enablement to see which solution best fits your team’s requirements.

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