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The Modern Buyer

Modern buyers are forcing sellers to change the way they sell. In today’s highly competitive market, modern sellers have to make the most of timely, customized digital content to add value in the buyer’s journey.


50-80% of a buyer’s decision-making processes are done before sales gets involved.


6.8 is the average number of stakeholders involved in a B2B purchasing decision.


81% of B2B buyers are not satisfied with their sales rep.


The Modern Seller

Top-performing sellers recognize that they need to evolve with modern buyers, who are more independent and informed than ever before. Modern sellers know how to guide their buyers through the purchase decision and provide new insights.


5x more likely that a B2B buyer will engage with a sales rep that provides new insights.


74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insight.
–Corporate Visions


53% of customer loyalty is driven by sales reps offering unique and valuable perspectives.

What's Getting In the Way?

In order to effectively engage buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey, you must enable your sales team to add value and insight into every interaction.


⊗ Can’t find effective and up-to-date content

⊗ Sales guidance is static and out-of-date

⊗ Training materials are stored outside of a seller’s daily workflow


⊗ Content is stored in multiple places and is hard to organize

⊗ Sales resists adopting new plays and content

⊗ Low visibility on what’s being used and what’s working


Highspot is the System of Record for Modern Sales Enablement

Prepare Sellers For Any Conversation

Guide sellers with readiness materials so they are well prepared for any buyer conversation.

Engage Buyers With Effective Content

Find and personalize the most effective content to share with buyers and track their engagement.

Identify & Optimize Best Practices

Keep up the with changing market by analyzing the most effective content, sales plays, and best practices.

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