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Why We’re Thankful for Our Customers

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January may not be the traditional month for being thankful, but we have been overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude over the past few weeks. Why? Because of the outpouring of positive feedback we’ve received from our customers, most notably reviews posted on G2 Crowd over the past year. Success with any technology requires adoption, and adoption only happens when users love to use it.

We’re truly honored by the amazing reviews we’ve received from Highspot users, which G2 Crowd used to create annual rankings they announced just last week. G2 Crowd’s rankings offer the best confirmation yet that we’re achieving our objective of keeping customers happy. According to G2 Crowd, we’re:

  • #1 Technology Company in Seattle
  • #1 Sales Enablement Solution
  • #25 of Mid-Market Tech Companies
  • #56 of G2 Crowd’s Best Software Companies 2018

If you’re counting … um, that’s a lot of honors, and it’s not just because they happen to like us. This is all thanks to our passionate customers — and we’re pumped. Here’s a sampling of the reviews we receive on G2 Crowd:

Great for Sales and Marketing

I’m in marketing and responsible for creating a lot of content. Before Highspot, our sellers could never find the content we produced, so even though they were excited when we first created it, they couldn’t find it when they needed it and soon forget about it. Now, they find the content and use it! What’s more, we can see who’s consuming what, which items are popular, and which aren’t. Highspot informs us about the types of content we need and saves us from creating content that will just collect dust. I love Highspot!

Janice B.

Easy to Use and Effective

For me, the greatest benefit of using Highspot is the ability to track and understand what follow up (and collateral) resonates customers. Being able to associate a marketing doc with an account helps me to track engagement, and keep a pulse on the health of my accounts.

Bailey W.

Fantastic Sales Enablement System — Great for Marketing, Too

The immediate notifications and back-end analytics provided to sales when a pitch is opened, viewed, or downloaded is a huge benefit to this tool. There is no better way to get a sales team to adopt a new tool than by having it provide immediate value to their efforts, and Highspot achieves that with the closed-loop feedback. And from the marketing side — it is a very intuitive system to set up, and easy to maintain.

Jon O.

All we can say to our customers is, “Thank you!” We will keep doing everything we can to earn your praise.

G2 Crowd’s Best Software Companies 2018 list is a list of the top 100 business software companies based on G2 Crowd’s verified user reviews from 2017. Highspot ranked #56 on the list of top 100 software companies. G2 Crowd also segmented the list across small-business, mid-market, and enterprise software companies. We were featured at #25 on the Best Mid-Market Software Companies 2018.

If you’re curious … read more G2 Crowd reviews of the Highspot sales enablement platform.

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