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The #1 Reason Why Highspot is a Glassdoor “Best Place to Work”

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Pop the champagne — Highspot has earned a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, recognizing the Best Places to Work in the U.S. in 2019!

Every year, companies around the globe strive to achieve the honor of being named a top workplace by Glassdoor. Employees hold the cards with the ranking being based purely on the quantity, quality, and consistency of reviews.

Here at Highspot, we put our people first. Being recognized as a Top 10 Best Place to Work is an incredible accomplishment worth celebrating — but it doesn’t mean that the work is over. Building a winning work environment is not a one-time undertaking, but an ongoing mission that requires zeal, dedication, and constant discovery of employees’ wants and needs. This award provided us an opportunity to analyze first-hand feedback about what makes people excited to come to Highspot every day.

What is the DNA of an award-winning workplace? To crack the code, we examined our reviews on Glassdoor. In between mentions of the best-in-class product and location in the heart of downtown Seattle, a common theme emerged.

It wasn’t the cutting-edge technology, opportunity for career advancement, nor generous stock options — the number one reason people love working at Highspot is our people.

Surprised? We can’t say that we were. From the beginning, Highspot has worked to build a team of top talent who believe in creative collaboration, breaking boundaries, and delighting customers. This priority resulted in an environment where people are inspired to do their best work and a culture that embraces authentic individuality and ignites innovation. Here are a few things that Highspot’s Glassdoor reviewers had to say:

“I’ve never worked with a team where there is such a high baseline of excellence — people are inquisitive, creative, and empowered by management to do their best work.”

“I was excited about the culture described to me during the recruiting process and when I joined the company, it was even better than I expected. Highspot has an experienced leadership team that likes to roll up their sleeves and mentor. Employees strike a good balance of being fun and ambitious.”

“Everyone from the CEO down to the newest hire is encouraged to provide ideas and be a part of a cutting edge, disruptive technology.”

“It’s amazing to have an opportunity to work with brilliant, driven, and fun people, and be excited to come to work every day!”

“Wicked smart people that will challenge and encourage you to do your best work.”

“Everyone works very well cross-functionally and it is very much a ‘leave your ego at the door’ place to work.”

“Management cares about their teams and always acknowledges your accomplishments.”

“The culture of positivity throughout the office is contagious. Everyone works as a team and will not hesitate to help you with any questions you may have. A true team environment with the same goal to succeed.”

The caliber of our people is the reason why we have a sales enablement platform that is second to none, a kitchen as full of laughter as it is company-provided food, and the company momentum to be named a LinkedIn Top 50 Startup, earn recognition as one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, raise $35M during our Series C, and double in employee count — all within a year’s time.

As valuable as it was to read our Glassdoor reviews, we wanted to learn even more, so we set out to hear from the employees themselves why their colleagues play such an important role in making Highspot one of the best places to work.

Meet four of our teammates who shared their answers to the question: “What do you enjoy most about the people and culture here at Highspot?”

Meet Gabe, Account Executive

“I love the fact that everyone is so talented, driven, and motivated to execute on Highspot’s company vision. You have a huge opportunity to make an impact.”

Meet Amber, Senior UI Engineer

“I really enjoy the inclusivity of Highspot and working with incredibly smart people. Our team is dedicated to diversity, inspired to innovate, and excited to tackle new challenges.”

Meet Tim, Services Executive

“I joined Highspot when there were 15 employees. From the very beginning, I believed that the people could really make this company great, and that’s exactly been the case. I’m amazed by our leaders’ integrity, humility, how they go to extraordinary lengths for our customers, lead our team by example, and value everyone’s ideas. Their leadership has a ripple effect throughout the company.”

Meet Marissa, Senior Content Strategist

“What I really love about Highspot’s people is how positive and ‘can-do’ they are. Everyone truly believes in what we’re doing, and we know that we’re building a product that’s changing lives. This common mindset drives both our innovation and success.”

As our co-founder and CEO Robert Wahbe says, “Great workplaces begin with great people.” If you’re an awesome person who loves working hard, making an impact, and having a good time through it all, chances are that you’d fit right in. And guess what? We’re hiring! Join our team and help us continue to make our great workplace even greater.