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Inventing the Future Starts with Today

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One phrase has been a part of Highspot’s DNA since the beginning — invent the future.

I’ve always liked this phrase for two reasons: 1) I’m an engineer at heart, and I get excited about inventing things; and 2) It describes in three words the notion that what we do today can determine our tomorrow.

This phrase has recently been put to the test as life continues to change for everyone. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, an economic downturn, tightening budgets and layoffs at many companies, the shift to remote work, and more. In the face of these unprecedented challenges, what enablement does is more important than ever as we look to overcome obstacles and drive our businesses forward.

The enablement community is standing on the edge of incredible opportunity. Over the last eight years, our category has accelerated from nascency to global recognition. Businesses worldwide are rapidly adopting it to acquire and retain customers, analysts regard it as a multi-billion-dollar market, and companies are creating new enablement teams and roles. Revenue enablement today is all about helping anyone who talks to the customer make every conversation count — whether it’s using that conversation to move a deal forward, drive a renewal, or help a customer maximize the value of a product or service. And now with new technology advancements, the enablement function has an opportunity to become an increasingly strategic partner to business leaders at companies of all industries and sizes.

Our mission at Highspot is to transform the way millions of people work. We see enablement expanding to help at least 50 million people across sales, marketing, services, and support roles — that number is only increasing as the remote reality demands that companies double down on digital transformation and leaders look for a way to align their customer-facing teams and drive consistent revenue performance. Enablement provides an important part of the answer in this moment and beyond.

With a clear vision, we now ask: how can the enablement community deliver on the promise to change the way companies run their businesses? At Highspot, we believe it’s through the combined power of every person acting as an individual change agent and all of us coming together as a community to fuel positive progress. This power shone through at our inaugural global customer conference Spark 2020, where more than 800 of the industry’s sharpest minds gathered to push the boundaries of what our category can do.

As we persevere together, we aspire for Highspot to be your partner in helping you create a future for yourself, your team, and your business. We work hard to build software with a spark of magic, providing you with a platform you can depend on to be instrumental in achieving your objectives. We strive to listen to your feedback, hear your needs, and take action.

This fall, we are proud to introduce the industry’s only end-to-end, natively-built revenue enablement platform. Highspot now delivers content, guidance, training, coaching, engagement, and left-to-right analytics — all within one intuitive solution. Our new capabilities will fundamentally change the game — from training and coaching that helps leaders land strategic initiatives and drive behavioral change, to industry-first Scorecards that provide a holistic picture of the impact of go-to-market initiatives.

With Highspot’s unified revenue enablement platform, revenue leaders can get the most from their customer facing teams. Sales teams can drive consistent performance. Marketing can land their go-to-market strategy. And services can increasingly delight and retain customers. If you’re not using our new capabilities already, we’re excited to show you everything they can do for you.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring — but I do know that we can choose what we do today. By turning challenges into opportunities, tackling old problems with new solutions, looking ahead instead of back, and working together, we can invent a future that moves us forward.