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Quarterly Customer Awards: Spreading the Highspot Love

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It’s that time of quarter again: we’ve pulled the latest stats to highlight the customers who have been killing it on Highspot. The biggest win is the awesome results our customers have achieved by using the Highspot platform.

It’s always a treat to see how many of our customers love using our platform, but as much as #RepsLoveHighspot, it’s important to remember that #HighspotLovesReps, #HighspotLovesMarketers, and #HighspotLovesSalesEnablement as well. And we’d like to highlight some of those users who showed the Highspot platform a lot of love last quarter.

#HighspotLovesReps Awards


highspot all-stars

Highspot All-Stars

Among the sales reps who used Highspot’s pitching capabilities last quarter, a few stand out from the rest. Between Gmail, Outlook, and Live pitches, we’ve seen these All-Stars really shine.


Highspot All-Star — All Pitches
Our power pitcher for the quarter has sent out the most pitches from the Highspot platform across all pitching types.
Samuel Domingues, TripAdvisor

Highspot All-Star — Outlook Pitches
Calling all Outlook users! Take note: This pitcher used our Outlook integration to pitch straight from their Outlook in a trackable way. You, too, could be an all-star one day.
Niklaus Lopez, PayScale

Highspot All-Star — Gmail Pitches
This pitcher used our integration with Google to send pitches straight from Gmail. The best part: Getting to track engagement with those pitches like a real pro.
Christina Ruiz, Lexia Learning

highspot bestselling authors

Highspot Bestselling Authors

Never underestimate the power of good content. These bestselling authors know just how to deliver it with their killer publishing skills this quarter.


Highspot Bestselling Author — Most Content Added
Nobody publishes content like this author, who burned the candle at both ends this quarter by adding the most content to the platform!
Michael Brown, Milliken

Highspot Bestselling Author — Most Content Viewed
They love you! They really love you! This author had the most-viewed content on the platform this quarter.
Nick Hall, PayScale


highspot top enabler

Highspot Top Enablers

When it comes to optimization, driving adoption, and pure dedication, these sales enablement pros are at the top of their game.


Highspot Top Enabler — Dedication
Time is money! And when you’re spending as much time on our platform as this award-winner has, it definitely deserves some recognition.
Michelle Carpinelli, Concur

Highspot Top Enabler — Spot Ownership
Less isn’t always more. This award goes to the Highspot admin who owns the most Spots.
Josh Teder, RedHat


Each winner will get a special gift, so if you won, stay tuned for a congratulations package coming your way! We’ll be updating these awards quarterly, so until then, keep pitching, publishing, and enabling.