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Highspot Expands Integration with Cloud and On-Premise Content Management Solutions

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Content, content, content. Yes, content is king—it is the foundation for most sales-to-customer conversations. Getting the right content into the hands of the sales reps is the primary issue many Sales Enablement organizations want to fix. To accomplish that, for larger organizations, you must integrate, integrate, integrate.

In fact, for a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, integrating with other business software solutions is, in our opinion, like being mobile. It’s table stakes.  

At Highspot, we understand just how important seamless integration into existing technology is for our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to deploy and integrate Highspot into your business workflows. To us, that means interrupting your existing workflows and systems as little as possible.

That is why I’m pleased to report that as of today, Highspot has successfully integrated into 18 additional vendors—bringing our total integrations to 22—including enterprise content repositories, file share & sync solutions, CRM solutions, online presentation services and Single Sign On (SSO) providers.

I’m talking about providers such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Experience Manager, Alfresco, Hubspot, Jive Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Oracle, Salesforce Files, and on-premises solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco Server, and Jive Server. With these new integrations, we now make it easier for our clients to adopt the Highspot Sales Enablement platform within existing publishing and collaboration workflows.

With these integrations come powerful benefits that make it easier to manage your sales content:

  • Frictionless publishing of content, training, playbooks, and assets to the sales organization
  • Sync of selected files for automatic version updates
  • Automatic import and indexing of newly-published or updated content into Highspot’s industry-leading semantic search engine
  • Custom metadata mapping to simplify content management across platforms

No matter your existing technology providers, we likely work with what you have, and we’re excited to help you continue to improve Sales Enablement efforts across your organization.

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