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Faster Sales Start Here: Sales Enablement Best Practices Volume 1

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Sales enablement pros encounter fresh challenges and opportunities every day.  At Highspot, we help them make the most of both.

Today we’re launching Volume 1 of our Best Practices series.  The series will provide real-world insights for businesses seeking to improve their sales enablement activities.  Each volume will deliver a range of experience-based suggestions for those new to sales enablement, as well as for seasoned executives seeking to optimize current investments.  At the conclusion of the series, readers will be better-equipped to drive higher sales performance through more effective and efficient sales enablement.  

In Best Practices Volume 1, we share perspectives on getting started with sales enablement, from subject and role definition to responsibilities, strategies, and tactics. The goal of Volume 1 is to equip sales enablement pros to make informed pre-deployment decisions.  Volume 2 will cover multiple phases of solution development and deployment and Volume 3 will focus on optimization and proven leadership techniques. 

Highlights of Volume 1 include:

Definition and Principles

The starting point and core tenets supporting how we think about sales enablement.  This is where we outline the importance of process, teamwork, and delivering the best available sales content to your target audience at the best possible moments in the buyer’s journey. 

Scoping Your Sales Enablement Role

If you’re new to sales enablement, chances are you’re developing a perspective on the role of content in your organization.  If you’re an established pro, you’re likely seeking to optimize your content strategy.  In either case, it’s useful to begin (or return to) the three key questions outlined in this chapter.  They will play an important role in positioning you and your team for lasting success.    

Focusing on Alignment

Best practices companies recognize the advantages of marketing and sales alignment.  In this chapter, we focus on how alignment is achieved and the role of sales enablement in making it happen. 

Establishing a Foundation

This is the heart of Volume 1.  It’s where we outline essential steps for implementing the sales enablement approach that will propel your team to more efficient content usage and faster sales conversions.  Topics in this chapter range from how to make the right technology choice to building a project plan and getting executive sponsorship.

The sales enablement landscape is changing fast, and with it the discipline itself.  Rising investment levels and innovation have brought new tools to sales enablement practitioners and leaders alike.  At the same time, companies are focused more intently than ever on the importance of sales enablement to business success.  It’s clear the bar is rising.  With Highspot’s Best Practices Guides, you’ll be ready.


Best Practices Volume 1 is available in the Resources Library at, where you’ll find a wealth of additional sales enablement information. We’ve also made available case studies, product videos, including our Highspot Overview, and much more.

For quick reference, we recommend bookmarking the Highspot best practices page.  It’s our hub for sharing what we’ve learned over hundreds of customer engagements. 

Learn More:

Stay tuned for upcoming Best Practices webinars, during which we’ll elaborate on the topics in each volume.  

In the meantime, to expand your knowledge of how Highspot’s industry-leading sales enablement technology is reshaping sales performance, request a demo.  We’re always happy to chat.