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Elevate Sales Performance with Highspot and ToutApp

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Highspot and ToutApp have established a first-of-its-kind partnership that brings together sales enablement and sales productivity to help reps stay focused on the relationships and conversations that matter.  By combining the benefits of these fast-growing software platforms, sales teams can digitize their processes and orchestrate customer engagements more comprehensively than ever before.

Now companies can dramatically improve sales effectiveness by combining Highspot’s content recommendations, delivery, and analytics with their sales prospecting workflows. Using Highspot, sales and marketing teams are able to manage, find, customize, share, and analyze their content on an integrated platform built to drive faster conversions and higher revenue.  With ToutApp, sales teams are able to align sales workflows, increase their pipeline, improve engagement consistency, and forecast results with greater accuracy.  The result: sales teams are now in better position to scale their activities and outmaneuver the competition.

Here’s an introduction to the combined features of Highspot and ToutApp:

As showcased in the demo video above, Sales Development Reps (SDRs) can access Highspot and ToutApp capabilities from either platform and achieve greater account visibility, efficiency, and performance throughout the sales cycle. ToutApp users can select and insert sales content stored on Highspot’s sales enablement platform directly into campaigns and emails within Gmail, Outlook, and leading CRM systems, while capturing content tracking and analytics within Highspot.  At the same time, Highspot customers have the option to use ToutApp as an email client or to drive sales campaigns to many prospects at once, all while maintaining separate tracking of content engagement, downloads, and shares.

Customers have long wanted improved accuracy and consistency across their sales activities—from initial prospecting to personalized deal management to close. By making digital playbooks, sales content, and in-context training available when and where reps are most likely to need them, companies provide the framework for consistent execution.  They also position themselves to use their best-performing content and processes for each opportunity, and in turn are able to recognize higher performance across their entire sales team.  This allows sales reps to invest more time engaging customers and less time wondering what their next steps should be.

Advantages of the Highspot and ToutApp partnership extend beyond direct sellers and include managers of sales and marketing teams.  For example, powerful back-end analytics provide insights to improve content quality and easily identify and share best practices.  With full tracking of email, pitching, and content uptake, sales and marketing managers can see which elements are most effective and where improvements are needed—in other words, they have tangible data on what’s working (and what’s not). This type of intelligence has been shown to accelerate conversions because it enables micro-adjustments to take place throughout the sales cycle on everything from content to customer engagement processes.

In summary, the Highspot + ToutApp partnership delivers innovation in categories important to sales and marketing teams, including:

  1. Content and workflow management. Sales teams need access to high-performing content throughout the sales cycle and workflows that allow them to make the most of every moment. ToutApp and Highspot help teams stay connected to the content and guidance they need to close more deals in less time.
  1. Intelligence throughout the sales cycle. Real-time customer alerts, combined with detailed content analytics and engagement data enable sales teams to more effectively engage prospects and customers.  This helps reps deliver more conversions faster and with less friction.
  1. Improved sharing of best practices. The ability to easily identify, analyze, and share best practices raises proficiency levels across sales teams.  This helps reps focus on the strategies and tactics most likely to yield results.
  1. Consistency. Through ToutApp campaigns, content recommended on Highspot, and easily accessible, in-context playbooks, process consistency is dramatically improved.  This helps businesses scale the insights, techniques, and step-by-step guidance proven to drive sales.

The Highspot and ToutApp partnership helps sales teams stay focused on their first priority: selling.  By delivering an unparalleled suite of end-to-end sales capabilities, these platforms are rewriting the book on how to maximize customer opportunities using the twin powers of content and technology.

We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to helping sellers engage with clients more effectively in fewer clicks.

If you’re currently a ToutApp user and interested in learning more about sales enablement, check out The Definitive Guide to Sales Enablement.

If interested in exploring how to put ToutApp and Highspot to work in your organization, contact us to discuss integration or to request a live demo or contact your ToutApp rep.  We’d be happy to chat.