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Digital Transformation at Scale: How to Grow Your Business

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management

Everybody knows someone who peaked in high school. They may have been exceptionally talented, but ultimately stopped progressing.

All high-growth businesses inevitably encounter the same problem: the strategies that initially resulted in success are no longer enough to support them at scale.

So many companies come out of the gates hot, quickly grow to a certain scale, and then struggle. Win rates plummet; sales teams churn. What’s happening here? And, more importantly, how can you avoid it?

As Highspot’s Vice President of Strategic Services, I shared in a new three-part series how you can confront this challenge and successfully overcome it.


In the first installment, let’s explore the three key issues businesses face at scale — how to address the first one.

Part II

In part two of the digital transformation series, let’s take a look at how businesses can meet the needs of these new buyers and adapt successfully.

Part III

In this third and final installment, let’s cover how top sellers handle common challenges as the business scales — from their approach to qualifying to how they navigate deals.


Most high-growth companies will eventually reach a point where growth gets hard. Met with new challenges, some businesses may attempt to get back to their former glory by doubling down on the strategies that worked yesterday. But that’s almost never successful. Instead, the best companies recognize that they’re playing a new game on a new field and proactively work to navigate that change.