While Showpad promises a better buyer experience, a great experience fully depends on whether your sellers are ready and prepared to put their best foot forward. Highspot delivers great experiences by equipping and empowering salespeople with capabilities they need to make the most of every buyer conversation. If you’re considering Showpad, find out how Highspot delights sellers with easy-to-use and reliable content tools and integrations that make using it seamless for both reps and buyers.

Showpad Limitations

Highspot Advantages

Highspot and Showpad Side-by-Side Comparison

Content Management
Content Management Spots
An intuitive way to organize and browse content
Content Management Folders
Hierarchical folder navigation and poor search capabilities
Seller Adoption
Seller Adoption 90%+
Seller adoption and adding ex-Showpad customers
Seller Adoption Limited
Has never successfully switched a Highspot customer
Integrations 50+
Works with existing technology and meets sellers where they are
Integrations Limited
Fewer integrations and users commonly complain of glitches and crashes
Implementation 1 month (avg)
Implementation 2 months (avg)
ROI 10 months (avg)
100% saw a return in under 24 months
ROI 13 months (avg)
5% never saw a return

showpad vs. highspot - showpad alternatives

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Showpad reviews on G2 Crowd

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Quotation Mark

Some of my dislikes is the slowing down of the app if you upload too much content. This has jammed me up a couple times with deadlines to meet and while trying to work efficiently.

Jensen Chapman
Energy Consultant
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Quotation Mark

Our Salesforce uses Microsoft SurfaceBooks (I know). The app is extremely buggy in a derailing way. Different pieces of content seem to not work with different reps. The only current solution is to delete all content or the app itself and reload everything HOPING that it loads correctly. Often a different piece of content will be buggy each time you reload. Usage and update statistics don’t seem to be accurate as well. Showpad support responds quickly to emails/calls, but hasn’t offered any meaningful solution in 2 months of use … Showpad isn’t quite delivering on its core value proposition. My guess is that all of the above is due to their platform not working that well with Window 10, and that while they claim compatibility with Windows, most of their success is with iOS products. Lastly, all of their support documentation is dated and/or not setup for Windows and the SurfaceBook. It’s nice to have a library of how-tos to send to the field team, but they don’t help if they are not current or on the same system.

Brian Vraciu
Director of Strategic Marketing
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Quotation Mark

Lack of PowerPoint integration is a big negative. Lack of embedded video ability in content is especially difficult when giving presentations from Showpad.

Sean Kennedy
Content Manager
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Quotation Mark

The system sometimes has strange bugs. Recently it was not possible to link to content within an announcement when it had been locked for sharing. This was a frustrating as many of our internal sales enablement tools are not for sharing.

Matthew Tainton
Solutions Marketing Manager
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Quotation Mark

Sometimes the administrative interface can be slow when uploading content. Not a big deal when uploading 1 or 2 items, but can be a bit cumbersome if you’re uploading a lot of items.

Amy Lintern
Marketing Manager
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Quotation Mark

The Outlook plugin is terrible — most of my Showpad sends are from Outlook. It can only be used once or twice, then you have to close and reopen Outlook. If you have sent other emails previously and don’t close Outlook, it will crash the program. This is a serious flaw and causes a lot of time to be wasted that should be used reaching clients.

Ron Andrae
Sales Representative
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Quotation Mark

I would really like for Showpad to allow sales users to rate content and for those ratings to be available to other sales users. In the same way that consumers check out product ratings in Amazon.com, it would be highly beneficial for sales to see how their peers rate content.

Andy Gibson
Sales Development Representative
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Quotation Mark

The initial process of tagging all of our past content took a while.

Caitlin Ridge
Director of Corporate Marketing
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Quotation Mark

While using Showpad for Outlook, it kept crashing my Outlook, but my in & sent boxes are always very full, so I expect this is the reason why. Therefore I create a draft email in Outlook (as I can’t save draft emails in Showpad) to attach to a collection. I then cut & paste the email text into Showpad once email & customer collection compiled & complete. This is very cumbersome & time consuming and during this process (& attending to distractions/customer calls and urgent matters that need attending), it keeps logging me out, which I find frustrating. Would be nice to have font effects, such as bold, underline, bullet point etc. All this formatting is lost when cut & paste text from email.

Kerry Chapman
Marketing Consultant
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Quotation Mark

Backend tagging architecture is outdated compared to others. Needs AI.

Melissa Cohoon
Senior Manager of Marketing & Digital Product
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Quotation Mark

I wish that it would open directly in Salesforce without leaving the app. I also wish that you could send a Showpad email to people in Salesforce list view.

Nancy O'Connor
Salesforce CRM Business Process Administrator
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Quotation Mark

The creative/layout control that organizations have for outbound messages is lacking. It would be nice if we could create pre-designed email templates that our users would just add their own greeting to when they send showcases out.

Rachel Rickert
Creative Marketing Manager
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Quotation Mark

Showpad has no function for sending out group emails, so if I want to follow up with multiple customers, I have to export the email list into another system like Mailchimp and go from there.

Stefan Luft
National Director of Sales
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