While Showpad promises a better buyer experience, a great experience fully depends on whether your sellers are ready and prepared to put their best foot forward. Highspot delivers great experiences by equipping and empowering salespeople with capabilities they need to make the most of every buyer conversation. If you’re considering Showpad, find out how Highspot delights sellers with easy-to-use and reliable content tools and integrations that make using it seamless for both reps and buyers.

Showpad Limitations

Highspot Advantages

Highspot and Showpad Side-by-Side Comparison

Content Management
Content Management Spots
An intuitive way to organize and browse content
Content Management Folders
Hierarchical folder navigation and poor search capabilities
Seller Adoption
Seller Adoption 90%+
Seller adoption and adding ex-Showpad customers
Seller Adoption Limited
Has never successfully switched a Highspot customer
Integrations 50+
Works with existing technology and meets sellers where they are
Integrations Limited
Fewer integrations and users commonly complain of glitches and crashes
Implementation 1 month (avg)
Implementation 2 months (avg)
ROI 10 months (avg)
100% saw a return in under 24 months
ROI 13 months (avg)
5% never saw a return

showpad vs. highspot - showpad alternatives

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