Showpad Competitors

Check out the better Showpad alternative. Highspot provides one easy-to-use platform to equip, train, and coach your sales reps. Our natively built analytics enable you to track your success, from greater sales productivity to more revenue.  

Organisations that switch to Highspot can see as much as a 15% increase in win rates and a 20% decrease in seller ramp time.

Highspot vs. Showpad: See Why Go-To-Market Teams Choose Highspot

Highspot’s enterprise-ready sales enablement solution revolutionises how salespeople make every customer interaction count—driving exceptional experiences and more closed deals.  Compared to Showpad, marketing, enablement, and sales teams report Highspot is easier to set up, provides higher quality support, and lowers total cost of ownership, increasing overall value and revenue. 

Check out why we’re ranked #1  in the Forrester Wave and some of our advanced features below.

1 G2, Winter 2024

Capability Comparison
Sales Content Management
Content Governance
Multiple, disparate locations to audit content; no dashboard to see outdated, unused content  and take action directly in the report
Content Findability
Cannot filter content on pages–making it difficult to find the right content
Bi-Directional CRM Data Integration
Sales Play Performance Metrics
Missing integrated scorecards; sales play analytics don’t include relevant content and training
Sales Training and Coaching
Conversation Intelligence
Cannot provide AI-generated skill feedback for meetings
Sales Learning Management
No automation, forcing sales reps to manually add live training to their own calendar
Sales Methodology Marketplace
Buyer Engagement
Digital Sales Rooms
No generative AI to draft email templates. Lacks functionality to schedule meetings from Digital Sales Rooms. No integration with Slack and Teams
Digital Sales Room Creation
Cannot build digital sales rooms in Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, or sales engagement platforms like Outreach and SalesLoft
Buyer Insight & CRM Data Integration
Provides inaccurate view of buyer interactions, because reps must manually tag outreach to CRM records
Administer Platform
Unified Administrative Experience Across Content and Readiness

What You Get with Highspot

Go Straight From Insights to Action

Gain full visibility into the impact of your sales enablement programmes in real-time and quickly drill into data to take immediate action before deals are on the line.

Guide Sales Reps to Measurable Success

Sales plays and playbooks give sales teams contextual guidance to drive consistent execution. Collect real-time insights to identify which plays are improving business outcomes.

Deliver Better, Scalable 1:1 Coaching

Empower sales managers to provide personalised feedback at scale with generative AI-powered grading and standardised rubrics.

An Award-Winning Platform

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Organisations Use Highspot to Hit Their Goals

With Highspot’s sales enablement software and amazing customer support, you can operationalise your enablement strategy, creating compelling customer experiences that drive revenue growth.

decrease in sales rep ramp time
increase in win rate
increase in average deal size

Leading Companies That Switched to Highspot

Frequently Asked Questions

Who competes with Showpad?

A few of Showpad’s competitors are

  • Seismic
  • Highspot
  • Brainshark
  • Mindtickle
  • Allego
  • Mediafly
  • BigTinCan
  • Gong
  • Clearslide
  • Saleshood
What platforms are comparable to Showpad?

Seismic is comparable to Showpad, but for a solution that truly works for your whole organisation, there’s a better alternative. Highspot offers superior capabilities across content management, buyer engagement, sales guidance, onboarding, training, and coaching. We are powered by integrated analytics and advanced AI, helping organisations achieve sales readiness at scale and rely on accurate reporting.

How has Showpad built its sales enablement platform?

Over the years, Showpad has acquired multiple companies to build its SaaS platform. Given the need to integrate multiple, siloed software solutions, it’s unclear how unified and cohesive Showpad’s product vision and environment are.- This is particularly true when administering the platform and measuring end-to-end results of enablement programmes.

Highspot built our sales enablement solution from the ground up, letting us innovate at rapid speed and deeply integrate administration, user experience, and analytics across all areas of our platform. For example, sellers can add meeting recordings in-line to digital sales rooms, and submit meetings within lessons and courses. Giving customer-facing teams these seamless, efficient workflows enables them to do more with one platform–accelerating, their productivity and reducing your total cost of ownership.

How do Showpad’s and Highspot’s content management software solutions compare?

More than 1,000 user reviews on G2 rate Highspot’s content management platform as superior to Showpad. Users say that Highspot is the strongest platform for content import, content creation, templates, advanced search, and content storage. 

This demonstrates why Highspot is the leading platform for creating a single source of truth, importing content from external repositories (Dropbox, Sharepoint, and many more), and offering hyper-targeted content recommendations that help reps stand out during the sales cycle.

Download the G2 Report to See How Highspot and Showpad Compare