Find out the top three ways enablement teams help boost business outcomes with the Sales Enablement Analytics Report. 


SiriusDecisions Sales Enablement Range of Responsibilities Model

Sales enablement is not one-size-fits-all: the range of potential enablement responsibilities is extensive and diverse. Whether it’s sales talent, sales assets, or sales communication that’s required, high-performing sales enablement teams effectively align their efforts to meet the most pressing needs of their organization. In this way, the benefits of sales enablement often extend beyond sales to improve effectiveness across a variety of functions at companies.

This whitepaper from SiriusDecisions outlines the scope of possible sales enablement efforts that can improve sales effectiveness and efficiency and drive increased revenue. With this model, you’ll have a framework to assess current responsibilities at your company and identify potential areas for improvement.

This report focuses on the following topics:

  • Sales enablement definition and purpose. A definition of sales enablement as a function and its impact on revenue contribution through improved productivity.
  • Range of responsibilities. A description of the responsibilities to consider when prioritizing, scoping, and resourcing a high-performing sales enablement function.
  • Operationalization considerations. A method for sales enablement leaders to leverage the Sales Enablement Range of Responsibilities Model to assess the function’s current scope and execution and to prioritize an expanded scope.

With the information and guidelines outlined in this whitepaper, you’ll have the framework you need to understand the range of responsibilities for sales enablement, identify where enablement efforts currently take place, and plan efforts to optimize rep productivity. Download the Sales Enablement Range of Responsibilities Model to learn more.

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