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Sales Effectiveness and the Buying Cycle

Hitting revenue goals is top-of-mind for any leader, but the bigger question is how to reach goals that increase every quarter, at scale, and with an ever-evolving selling landscape.

Sales leaders must focus on improving the effectiveness of their sales team and, specifically, how to thaw the “frozen middle” — that is, how to turn “B” sales reps into “A” sales reps.

In the SiriusDecisions research brief Sales Effectiveness and the Buying Cycle, learn how to set up your sales team for success with these steps:

  • Prepare sales reps for the three key roles they will play during the buying cycle
  • Map sales process to these roles to improve buyer engagement and rep success
  • Align goals with buying cycles to drive customer trust and satisfaction

This is a valuable resource for all sales leaders and managers that have the goal of improving their sales team’s quota attainment and achieving revenue targets. Download the research brief today!

siriusdecisions sales effectiveness and the buying cycle

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